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  1. SilentTrinity

    My god didn't know I was still on here

    But its been two years since I last visited this site and the community. Dropped out of it mostly due to outside problems and the fact that I just had to deal with school and family shit. Anyway guess I'll be returning here more often now that another peep has return -coughcough- anyway glad to...
  2. SilentTrinity

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Fandub Trailer

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Fandub Trailer - YouTube Fandub Trailer from the Tokyo Game Show '11. Critique and comment on the video.
  3. SilentTrinity

    Darkness will become Light/ Light will fall into darkness

    Darkness will become Light. Hm interesting single line. Does anyone remember the ending of KH1 when the Door to KH was starting to be opened and darkness was slowly oozing out? But then Sora said that KH was actually Light? Then Ansem SoD got obliterated by the powerful warmth of the Light...
  4. SilentTrinity

    Kingdom Hearts: World's Collide

    PLOT It is said that the imagination is a very strong force in our world. We are able to create things in our head and then bring them to life, create idea’s that move people, make them believe that they can connect to that, and eventually find comfort in the fact that they have someone who...
  5. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► Fate of Memories: The Death of a Crow

    lol thats what they get for being minor characters...sigh how true that is. good job on writing this Wolf, im still reading this whenever i get the chance.
  6. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► One Heart, Two Keys (A Keyblade War Fan Fic)

    Since I've been doing some editing and working on my writing, I'll bring this story back for my DA account as well as doing it for the shiz and giggles. Here be a new chapter. A Dual An angered Caliga was steaming from the little episode he had a few moments. His anger had taken over his...
  7. SilentTrinity

    Dam its been two years already?! D:

    Well today marks the second year I've been a member of this site. Tis been fun, even with some of the bumps and stuff thats happen. I'm glad I was apart of some Rp's and I hope to make some new friends and continue working on RP's with anybody.
  8. SilentTrinity

    Avatar gifs

    i was wondering how i make my avatar which is a gif file work? its not changing colors...:(
  9. SilentTrinity

    UN Sanctioned Attack on Libya (As Reported by MSNBC)

    Allied forces fire missiles on Libya - World news - Mideast/N. Africa - msnbc.com Read the article above. As of today, the US is supporting a military campaign against the leader of Libya, mind you the US is not LEADING the campaign. I thought this important as it consists of NATO, the UN, and...
  10. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► One Heart, Two Keys (A Keyblade War Fan Fic)

    Been a long time since I've written in this thread. ^^; sorry about that. In any case here is my revival of this story. So here goes. An Honest Mistake Both Levis and Viscus returned home after finishing their ice creams. Viscus had told Levis that Caliga was prone to staying at worlds that...
  11. SilentTrinity

    Challenge to Tenyas

    So yeah. I'm challenging you Tenyas. Rules: You can set them up. Arena: Same as above. Templates: Idk if i should make a skeleton or...
  12. SilentTrinity

    Tevintur: The Dream World

    When faced with a choice, one must make one based on one's own knowledge, and have the courage to face the consequences afterwords, no matter what happens. This is what Shawn was facing with, a dilemma on what answer to choose for his english final. The question was asking on what...
  13. SilentTrinity

    Tevintur: The Dream World (OOC and Sign Ups)

    It is the year 2012, a year known throughout the world as the period of great worry for many conspiracy theorist, and other paranoid people of the planet Earth. But as is with humankind, we blow it out of proportion. On December 21st, 2012, the day the Mayan calender refreshes, people stayed...
  14. SilentTrinity

    Just wanted to tell some people..

    Well today, I asked a girl out and she said yes. So I'm in a happy mood. I just wanted to say this and say that if I'm not on here during the weekends, or on certain days, that's who'll I'll most likely be with so it doesn't mean I'm gone for good. Anyway that's that. In other news, Shout...
  15. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► Fable 3 : Darkness Incarnate's Awakening

    Chapter 1 I can no longer sit here in this cell, waiting to tell my side of the story to my sibling, the monarch of Albion. Walter, he does not understand my reasons for the choices I've made for my homeland. He might understand now that he went to Aurora. He met the darkness along with my...
  16. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► Fable 3 : Darkness Incarnate's Awakening

    Welcome. I've had an idea for a fan fic for a little while now with the story concerning Logan's travels to Aurora. The game hasn't explained what happened when the main boss( not named due to spoilers) emerges. So I will try to write the story of what happened four years prior to Fable 3. If...
  17. SilentTrinity

    Split (Original Story)

    Warning I'm just putting this warning as a warning so I don't get yelled at by random people. This is a factitious story, about a teenager possessed by Satan, in the form of a split personality which he does not know that he has. I am not saying that people with split personalities are...
  18. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► Doctor Who: Tales of a Human Timelord

    The next few days after that first encounter were what my parents would say, a bit odd. Starting off, I began to see that Police Box that I had only barely noticed the day before in a different spot. Me being how I was, I payed no mind. But that wasn't as bad as when I found out I was to be...
  19. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► Doctor Who: Tales of a Human Timelord

    Gallifrey. My parents home planet, and home to one of the oldest living species in the galaxy. The Time Lords. Though I would never know what it was like. They told me stories of how the Time War had destroyed their home. Most of it was quiet gruesome but the only thing that I liked was the...
  20. SilentTrinity

    Fanfiction ► One Heart, Two Keys (A Keyblade War Fan Fic)

    The Trio's Day Off (Gaia) Levis sat up in his bed, his head aching from the release of memories he had learned only a few nights ago. When he had learned those memories...all at once...it hurt his head. But now he knew how to wield the Keyblade. All he had to do was... "Yo! Levis!" Viscus...