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  1. 4dapollos

    Celebrities who like Kingdom Hearts

    miranda cosgroove loves KH also
  2. 4dapollos

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Do anyone else think that the mysterious figure from bbs is young xehorant. they both have the same blue lightsavers and the rewind time ability.
  3. 4dapollos

    3DS XL released and KH3D

    For some reason for me KH3D looks worst on the XL. I played it on the regular 3ds and everything looked fine, but on the XL cutsences often look horrible
  4. 4dapollos

    Vanitas' Novel Backstory

    vanitias just turn n2 the most palpable charchers in KH except 4 maybe Riku replica
  5. 4dapollos

    Craziest Game Crossovers

    Found this article while looking on Yahoo Craziest Game Crossovers photos - Video Games Blog Plugged In on Yahoo! Games
  6. 4dapollos

    Chiodos band loves Kingdom Hearts!

    Miranda coosgrave loves kingdomhearts
  7. 4dapollos

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    wonderland :{
  8. 4dapollos

    KH3D "prelude to the final battle".

    Maybe We will get to figure out what sora dreams in the beganing of KH1 are about in KH3D
  9. 4dapollos

    The Unknown

    We will probably figure out the truth after we watch the BBS:FM not-so-secret movie :}
  10. 4dapollos

    Need help with Mr. MF himself

    This is what youtuber,GFK283, said
  11. 4dapollos

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    That happen to me too. I was Terra and I melded this rare command called metor, then my home menu pop up( I got the entertainment pack) and I clicked yes, :{
  12. 4dapollos

    New Plausible Theory

    You never Know Luxord can very well be the behide the scene spearhead of the organization.
  13. 4dapollos

    New Plausible Theory

    Oh :} In the intro of 358/2 shows all the organization characters and their powers and Luxord's power is the of controlling of Time.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsDmxG-dI50
  14. 4dapollos

    New Plausible Theory

    You hardily do an major attack like time splicer or faith on the MF without it reversing time and killing you.
  15. 4dapollos

    New Plausible Theory

    Maybe The MF is Luxord before he became a nobody. He is the only one I know from KH that specializes in Time.
  16. 4dapollos

    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    This also leads me to ask "Why doesn't Namine' look like Kari?"
  17. 4dapollos

    Issue with the BBS bundle pack PSP

    the same thing been happening to me its unnerveing. When I got a rare command with terra i was about to save them the homme menu came up and i push yes by a mistake. I still can't figure out how to get it :{
  18. 4dapollos

    Special BBS Theme Download here!

    I have the theme from the japanesse site, i like that one better
  19. 4dapollos

    PSP Themes

    Im using a theme off the japanese website
  20. 4dapollos

    Just Push Start Review

    I just push start and this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!