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  1. Dannydecay

    Confused about the ending?

    There's one thing I don't understand.. When the robed Ansem appears on DI in DDD and in DI in KH1, is this the exact same moment in time or are these two completely disparate points in the KH timeline?
  2. Dannydecay

    Final World with Sora.

    Ohhhhhhhh okay, I think I got it now. Thanks!
  3. Dannydecay

    Final World with Sora.

    Okay, I'm coming here because I am literally confused, up to this point I haven't had much trouble following the story of DDD, but after YX met with Sora and showed him the whole time travel thing I'm beginning to think I missed something. I'm not too far into the world and I don't want to be...
  4. Dannydecay

    Proud mode tips?

    ^this. I didn't think proud mode would be that hard, but jeeze I slacked off on grinding and things got hard. I've made it a habit to play with my DEs every time I drop. I'm kinda worried about going to The Grid..battle level 14 and it's only the third world =O
  5. Dannydecay

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    I have already reported the issue. My case was also a bit scuffed, not too bad thankfully, but still. Should I report this issue as well?
  6. Dannydecay

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    I think this is all of them, though I'm not too sure I'm not to concerned about the keyblade, I'm just more worried about not getting the secret ending. Does this glitch mess with getting it in any way?
  7. Dannydecay

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Re: Game Bugs NO SPOILERS INSIDE Not sure if anyone else has posted this, but NA DOES have this glitch. I just got the "ending" in Sora's dive section. What I want to know is if this will affect the secret ending at all or if it just screws up obtaining "end of pain".
  8. Dannydecay


    Gamestop offers release date delivery if you chose overnight. In fact the guy told me that they'll either ship it out tomorrow or Monday and it could be here sometime Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.
  9. Dannydecay

    G4 KH3D review

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review for 3DS - G4tv be careful if you have G4 on Facebook some people have been posting spoilers on the post. I'm not entirely sure if the spoilers are real, but it's best to be cautious. Otherwise you'll end up like me Q_Q
  10. Dannydecay

    KH3D Mark of Mastery Edition: Unboxed

    So we only get the 5 AR cards that come with the CE and not the extra three that come with the first press of the game?
  11. Dannydecay

    IGN Interviews Tai Yasue: The Making of KH3D

    I am pretty relieved to hear this even though it did kinda seem like a very obvious spoiler.
  12. Dannydecay

    Final Episode

    So wait...you're disappointed because you got what you expected?
  13. Dannydecay

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    Her lines were flat, but I loved her character. She strong willed and brave, it was very refreshing to say the least.
  14. Dannydecay

    Just an idea...

    How did we get ripped off? In order to be ripped off we would have had to pay for the final mix and then come to find out Nomura gave us the same version we have. These things didn't happen, therefore we didn't get ripped off.
  15. Dannydecay

    you can now pre-order at gamestop!!!

    It could, but it won't be the 31st since that's a Thursday.
  16. Dannydecay

    Quick question

    All three characters have to be on proud if you want it the easy way or standard if you don't mind trying to get everything.
  17. Dannydecay

    Kingdom Hearts Collection PS3! HD!

    I read the title and got excited -_- Damn you!
  18. Dannydecay

    The Nobody Symbol

    I assumed that the Nobody symbol was the symbol TVA wear only inverted.
  19. Dannydecay

    Beginning of KH2

    Its Roxas and Xemnas 25 character limit.......
  20. Dannydecay

    I FAILED!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, I left out 8.....