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  1. Maxyli138

    Better script than KH2? And BBS?

    I'm one of those people who love quoting Kingdom Hearts lines, so I really liked the dialogue in this game because the characters say a lot of memorable things. I thought the script was overall really well done in this game but I still like the CoM dialogue the best :) However I found Sora to...
  2. Maxyli138

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    TGS is September 15 - September 18
  3. Maxyli138

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    A new trailer please. And some screenshots. My hopes aren't high anymore. I'm still disappointed about no KH at E3.
  4. Maxyli138

    Did anyone else think this?

    Re: Did anyone else realise this? So the fact that they're both dark places means that they're the same? Traverse Town was made for people who needed somewhere to go when their world was taken over by darkness. TWTNW is merely nothing. Just a place for nothing (the nobodies) to live in.
  5. Maxyli138

    KH at E3?

    TGS starts September 15 and ends September 18.
  6. Maxyli138

    Sora's New Clothes

    Are those flowers I see on his shoes? Honestly I've never really liked any of Sora's clothes. But casual clothing/school uniforms just don't fit him. Is Sora does get new clothes, I want them to have that 'Sora' feel when you look at them.
  7. Maxyli138

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Wayfinder Remake)

    That Ven sounds surprisingly close to the original voice. Aqua and Terra....not so much. The dubbing was pretty good though.
  8. Maxyli138

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie It's definitely worth replaying. The story is great. And the gameplay is simple to understand, but challenging to play at parts. Which makes it more fun. Although I admit the nostalgia does add...
  9. Maxyli138

    Help/Support ► Help with a new girl

    Talk to her a lot, girls love it when guys give them attention. Especially when it's more attention than other girls. Be comfortable and friendly, don't let awkward conversations and silences happen. Ask a lot of questions about her and be interested in what she has to say, or at least make it...
  10. Maxyli138

    I was thinking of some stuff that could happen in bbs v.2...

    If there is a Kairi scenario in v.2 she probably won't be fighting, at least not a lot of it. She could take down shadows and other weaker enemies, but I don't see Kairi fighting darksides and big bosses just yet. Her scenario would probably be more exploring and finding out things to make the...
  11. Maxyli138

    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    This make sense. Well that was the best news I've heard in a while. I was kinda hoping the 10-year anniversary gift would be something else, but this is good too. Can't wait until E3.
  12. Maxyli138

    I was thinking of some stuff that could happen in bbs v.2...

    Well if a lot of the game is in RoD like most people think, then heartless will probably the main enemy. Since the unversed come from Vanitas they probably won't be in the game unless Vanitas is in it.
  13. Maxyli138

    Did Kairi really fall into darkness?

    Kairi is a Princess of Heart, meaning there is no darkness inside her. Riku never said Namine and Kairi smell like darkness, just that they smell the same. This is because Namine was supposedly made from Kairi's heart and Sora's body. But we don't know exactly what Namine is, so it's hard to...
  14. Maxyli138

    KH Birth by Sleep Vol.3 To the Future Cover Book

    Those pants are distracting me.
  15. Maxyli138

    How Old Are Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

    Epic win. It's obvious Huey, Dewey, and Louie are keyblade terrorists trying to kill all the other keyblade masters.
  16. Maxyli138

    Let's Talk Disney - A BbS Editorial

    The lack of people in the worlds was pretty lonely. All the unversed running around you'd think there'd be other people trying to stop them, or at least frantically flapping about and screaming their heads off in the supposedly "populated" towns (i.e. Radiant Garden, Disney Town). TAV can't do...
  17. Maxyli138

    Do you believe sora should become a master?

    I think Sora and Riku have both shown a lot of strength of heart in their journeys. They don't need years of experience and training to be able to take it, but should should be able to take it whenever they are ready for it. Obviously Yen Sid thinks so, or he wouldn't have called on Sora and...
  18. Maxyli138

    I was thinking of some stuff that could happen in bbs v.2...

    Until we know what BbS V.2 is really about (and if it will be an actual game or not) we can only speculate on this "mystery" game. What you said sounds likely to happen going by the little hints we have to work with.
  19. Maxyli138

    Axel (Timelord?)

    What do you mean by former organization members? Namine was never in the organization. So there's just Roxas who left and Xion who left then died. Or are you talking about the rest of the members that died? Xehanort will probably die and I think it would be Riku or Terra that would come close...
  20. Maxyli138

    Help/Support ► Quick Fashion Question (prom lol)

    Even so, why not just wear $50 dress shoes? I don't get why people spend so much on things you where on your FEET. It'll just get dirty and ruined.