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  1. LuxordKing

    What Is Your Favorite Kingdom Hearts Title

    Hello their to all, I know this probably has been posted before on multiple occasions but now that Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been out for a little bit it seemed fitting to start a new poll. So vote for your favorite title then post about it explaining why its your favorite...
  2. LuxordKing

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Site Update

    The Official Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded site has been updated with a small facelift adding, Media section with English Trailer, Worlds Screen (featuring only Destiny Islands and Traverse Town as of now), A character screen with Jimminy, Mickey, Sora (Data), and a New Story Section. Link: KINGDOM...
  3. LuxordKing

    Twister Chase mini-game!

    Lol actually I don't know how I did this I was Terra and outran it and went behind the giant rock thing, and my screen kept shaking making the noise then it stopped I walked back over and the tornado was gone, I killed the tornado before it got me lol. then another toranado I ran into and when I...
  4. LuxordKing

    The Command Board is the Cheapest thing ever. Yet I need to beat all of them.

    I LOVE THE COMMAND BOARD super addicting
  5. LuxordKing

    What I wanna know is...

    Personally I HATED TERRA to me it seemed like in all trailers he was posed as the one that goes evil, the bad guy, the killer, blah blah blah. I hated him. My favorite was Aqua because I favor Magic. however, after beating Terra's Story Line I found out that all the thing he did were for the...
  6. LuxordKing

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    I think Birth by Sleep is the most diverse of them all. IMO: - Best Fighting system (fastpaced and very flashy and cool) - Melding commands to see what you get is beast - All the sweet mini-games - Two Words COMMAND BOARD (very addicting) - Three separate characters that all use their skills...
  7. LuxordKing


    SO WITH YOU!!!!! MY TEACHER CAUGHT ME PLAYING IT DURING CLASS ITS SO ADDICTING: Me and my teachers conversation: "Me: *click, click, click, click, click* Her: Ummm.... Zach what are you doing Me: Playing a board game how bout you (not really paying attention to whos talking to me) Her: Teaching...
  8. LuxordKing

    Birth by Sleep: PSP-3000 Bundle

    Lol as funny a comment as that is no-one else did one to my knowledge I looked it up so I took 5min. out of my FIVE YEAR WAIT time to play this just so people could see it SO SOOOOORRRRRYYYYY...
  9. LuxordKing

    Birth by Sleep: PSP-3000 Bundle

    For those of you that are wondering what the bundle box looked like and wondering if the case came with it and blah blah blah blah blah, you can watch my Official Unboxing Video I did when I got home from school Today. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Bundle Unboxing
  10. LuxordKing

    Extra Decals?

    Me too my GameStop gave me there whole supply xD.
  11. LuxordKing

    Official BbS TV spot discussion

    Re: lol BBS ad out of curiosity what channels have you guys been seeing the TV Spot on. I got MTV and there was one on The Style Network during the break of Super Nanny. Thats it.
  12. LuxordKing

    Gamestop is selling the guide!

    It does explain friend links and it is stated "The title of the finisher is whatever you friend named it before you forged the D-Link."
  13. LuxordKing

    Multiplayer!! Who will you choose?!

    Most likely Aqua or Ven. Aqua - I favor Magic and she's beast with Magic. (#1) Ven - I favor SPEED AND LOTS OF IT. (#2)
  14. LuxordKing

    ONE FREAKIN WEEK!!!!!!!!

    Yea back when it was announced I actually cared less about the game and more about Days I guess because I knew more, but then I started seeing scans of BBS then Trailer and Gameplay and I just fainted every three seconds. SO HYPED FOR IT!
  15. LuxordKing

    Better Quality TV Spot & Different version

    I also would love to know what channel the BBS TV Spot plays on because I wanna see it with my own eyes so I can faint in peace. xD. Also what is with this stupid 150 character minimum its so stupid I cant reply to anything unless I make it super super super long.
  16. LuxordKing

    Better Quality TV Spot & Different version

    I like this one better and I LOVED AQUA'S LINE!!!
  17. LuxordKing

    Is this true?!

    MORE THAN MONUMENTAL... I WOULD FEEL LIKE GOD... Then brag to a developer saying ha ha ha I beat him. xD
  18. LuxordKing

    Which Character to chose?

    I couldn't of said that any better. Cept I like Ven a bit more than that, and AQUA FTW I WILL PLAY HER MOST.
  19. LuxordKing

    do you think khbbs will be better???

    For me it'll go: 1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (played the Japanese version and loved it) 2. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 3. Kingdom Hearts 1 4. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded 5. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix 6. Kingdom Hearts 2 7. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
  20. LuxordKing

    Any One See Any Internet Advertisments Yet?

    The KH Comp game is actually fairly fun... I wonder if they will convert the KH BBS Board game for the computer. Maybe even an iPhone version of the board game.