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  1. Shogo-Kun

    Update Version 1.02

    It's not playable. The epilogue is a video. It said so in the Twitter post regarding the initial update schedule.
  2. Shogo-Kun

    The issues with Kingdom Hearts 3D

    The only issue I have with KH3D is the addition of time travel. Not the fact that they added, but the fact that they added it in a way only serves to make the story more complicated in terms of it's mythos. Honestly, I'm still having a hard time grasping it's form of time theory. Mostly because...
  3. Shogo-Kun

    2.8 - Predict the release date

    My prediction: JPN: July 2016 NA/EU: October 2016 AUS: November 2016
  4. Shogo-Kun

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced Guest starring Kazushige Nojima and Motomu Toriyama! But in all seriousness, I'm kinda torn on this news. On the one hand, I'm not the biggest fan of pumping out more story that may or may not further muck up the narrative. On the...
  5. Shogo-Kun

    Anyone else confused by "A Fragmentary Message"? *Spoilers*

    Yeah, Birth by Sleep Vol. 2 was going to be a thing, but from what I'm understanding the executives at Square said "NO MORE HANDHELD GAMES!" and the project was shelved. Though, we might see some elements of this project in future games. Maybe...
  6. Shogo-Kun

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    They have novels up to Dream Drop Distance in Japan, so Yen Press will most likely bring them over. However, they'll compiling all the individual novels into larger chunks (for instance, the Kingdom Hearts novel is combining the first and second halfs of the Japanese novels).
  7. Shogo-Kun

    Have Ventus and Kairi met, inside Sora's heart?

    I saw this in the recent replies section and I was like "WTF?!" But I think Ruran means "pure of heart", as in they have virtually no darkness in their hearts.
  8. Shogo-Kun

    MX = Villain Sue?

    So... basically he goes down because of his arrogance clouding what should be his better judgement ala Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda? That's... definitely in the realm of possibility. In fact, I'm imagining the cutscene before the final battle to basically be a mirror to the cutscene...
  9. Shogo-Kun

    MX = Villain Sue?

    Honestly, I'm sick of Xehanort myself, but I wouldn't call him a Villain Sue. At least, not yet. At most I would call Xehanort a perfectly fine villain that just has elements that are criminally under-utilized (Apprentice Xehanort and Xemnas' ambitions anyone?)
  10. Shogo-Kun

    Anime/Manga ► The Boy and the Beast - Mamoru Hosoda's New Film

    Summer Wars' Mamoru Hosoda Makes 1st New Film in 3 Years - News - Anime News Network Get Hype, People! Mamoru Hosoda is prepping up Jungle Warfare in Shibuya!
  11. Shogo-Kun

    So I did a Kingdom Hearts III mockup...

    Not sure if this is the right place, but wanted to share this with my fellow KH fans: As you can see, I put in the Command Deck from Birth by Sleep / Dream Drop Distance, plus I nerfed the Flowmotion by giving it a gauge along with bringing back Focus and MP, the later of which I'm not sure...
  12. Shogo-Kun

    What would you want out of a KH3D:HD?

    For KH3D:HD, I just want a theater mode. At this point, all I care about is KHIII. In fact, I'd only get HD 1.5 ReMiX just to replay the beauty that is the original Kingdom Hearts as I honestly couldn't care less about replaying KHII or BbS (the latter of which I've recently finished and can...
  13. Shogo-Kun

    This is the only KH game where the main characters eat.

    First off, OMG this topic makes me think of a food motif they could use in KH3! Just imagine: the cast trying a different dish in every world, just so the developers can show off their new found mouth physics. Secondly, if KH3 doesn't have them eating Lasagna Hamburger Helper, I'm out! (Ground...
  14. Shogo-Kun

    Who Is Your OTP?

    So... if this is in the wrong place or if there is a thread for this, I apologize but I'm too lazy to search for one! Anyways, this thread if for posting you OTPs! If ya have one, go nuts! If you have pics, go even more nuts! And to start this off, I'm gonna make every Evangelion fan's eyes bleed!
  15. Shogo-Kun

    Please don't troll this. Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best game so far?

    Re: Please dont troll this. Is kingdom hearts 2 the best game so far? Honestly, based on the three I've played and completed (KH, KHII, KHBbS), Kingdom Hearts II is my least favorite game in terms of story and characters. However, as a game, I love it. Birth by Sleep is a close second, with it...
  16. Shogo-Kun

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- North American Limited Edition!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- English Limited Edition! I'd imagine that the reason we wouldn't get a Blu-ray Music disc is because either A) no one knows what they are or B) they're not popular enough to be considered worth mainstream consumption.
  17. Shogo-Kun

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    Yeah, this looks a thousand times better! And I'll also ask WHY DID YOU SAVE THESE AS JPEGS?! It's 2014, we have PNGs! Yeah, it's slowly becoming more like a complete Kingdom Hearts collection. Or better yet, the boxart for Kingdom Hearts III. *thinks about it for a moment* I HAVE A...
  18. Shogo-Kun

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    I like it, but it could have been better. First off, the symmetry is way off at the bottom. If Nomura added at least one more character, it would look so much better in that regard. Also, Sora and Roxas on the bottom look way too damn young; like Nomura actually forgot how to draw them. Also...
  19. Shogo-Kun

    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    I asked about what challenges they had regarding tying the story of the games together.
  20. Shogo-Kun

    Xehanort's Guardian

    To add to both the parasitic Heartless point and the "Darkness taking physical form" point, maybe the Guardian was once a Shadow that has somehow matured into a high-ranking Heartless, though doesn't reach the sheer physical size of Darkside due being born of human will. And maybe it prefers it...