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  1. SwordsmenXIII

    Which character are you best with?

    I think my best character was Terra. I liked all his dark commands and his moves were simple and strong and he gave me a challenge due to his slow speed. I also loved his Dark Impulse command style, that was an bad-ass command style when you have all your combo and air combo plus' maxed out. :D
  2. SwordsmenXIII

    Guess who no damaged the boss without using magic

    Very Nice! :D It would've taken me forever to beat that boss. :T
  3. SwordsmenXIII

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    I liked it but once you get lvl 40, it was all too easy, but it was still a great game to add to my DS collection
  4. SwordsmenXIII

    So do you think the graphics for Re: Coded will be downgraded?

    I hope they're better or at lest the same as Days. If not then they should move it to the PSP. :P
  5. SwordsmenXIII

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) I wanted it for my PSP :P But whatever, It makes my DS more playable now that I'll have another KH game on it, but still a little disappointed that it's for the DS. :T
  6. SwordsmenXIII

    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    Either April or May cause my birthday is in early May so if it comes out in April, I can get it as a birthday present and if it comes out in May, I'll use my birthday money so yeah. :P But I think early/mid May, MABYE late April. Idk. :P
  7. SwordsmenXIII

    Did BBS just make the KH series better as a whole?

    I think Birth by Sleep made up for the KH2 so yeah, I think it made up for it and it looks awsome and it really is a great game. :D
  8. SwordsmenXIII

    Can Terra Control Unverse?

    I think so, at least he can summon them but not control it. Even Doc said that he used a monster and there's only 2 types of monsters: a summon and unversed, so maybe its possible. :P
  9. SwordsmenXIII

    Door in computer room?

    If its past the computer a little I thinks its an elevator to the heartless factory. Idk. :P
  10. SwordsmenXIII

    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    40 the first time playing but second time and up max lvl. :P
  11. SwordsmenXIII


    I thought they didn't have gummi ships back in BbS. :confused:
  12. SwordsmenXIII

    Makeing ice cream in BBS and switching scenarios...

    10 min. long secret movie! XD alright!
  13. SwordsmenXIII

    Land of Departure

    LoD's castle is seperate than CO, because I think CO is MX's castle/ hideout at the time. I don't I could be wrong
  14. SwordsmenXIII

    last hope for old keyblades

    Oh wow, didn't even notice it but I don't think you can use it, but it could be unlocked as a special. :dizzy:
  15. SwordsmenXIII

    last hope for old keyblades

    Same. But yeah, most likely not. :tongue:
  16. SwordsmenXIII

    Xion and Ven's "Death"

    I don't think Xion and Ven have a connection, I think it was just the way she died. But at the same time I could be wrong, I dont know. :dizzy:
  17. SwordsmenXIII

    Ventus and ???...and other stuff i wanna ask

    Most likely Terra cause of the color and shape of the glove that's on the hand.
  18. SwordsmenXIII


    Of course they will have journals in BbS. But at the same time I never looked at the journals anyways so, yeah. :P
  19. SwordsmenXIII

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep world excitement

    Enchanted Dominion and Land of Departure because they look so damn cool, But I'm look forward to seeing all of them. :D
  20. SwordsmenXIII

    Larxene 2nd Fight Help

    put your 0 cards (kingdom Keys will do since they're thte cheapest) at the end of the deck so its easy to reach and use Sonic Blade to finish her up and have 5-7 cure cards and see how that works. If not, then add the Strike Raid ablility and if that doesnt work then I dont know what will.