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    Hidden Images

    nope i was having too much fun fightin scar no time to look at other things XD
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    Kairi forgetting Sora

    actually everyone forget about sora =.= lol
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    Final Mix+

    go youtube and watch the KH RE:COM cutsence when goofy's talking LOL ^^
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    Final Mix+

    yeah its good but in kh RE:COM goofy's voice is like ...... (in japanese) LOL ^^
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    about kingdom hearts movie

    has anyone posted this thread before? hope not... anyways do you think there will be a kingdom hearts movie coming out in the future??
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    Form lv ups

    places to train..... wisdom=train at the world that never was ( on the shadows) valor and master=in land of dragons the throne room final= after you beat xigbar dont continue and train your final form to what ever lvl TIP: if u dont know this i am tellin you now when you are in a form to to...
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    yeah true....i beat him at lvl 75 last time....ultima good against him because it got the best range (for now...) and has good mag
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    Riku is Axel!

    does that mean that your brother's best friend is equal to ur best friend ? NO RIKU IS NOT AXEL DUH!!!! "close case"
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    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    luxord's card game is fun i like seeing sora winning the final game part makes me wanna kill him again ^^
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    'Proud' Mode?..

    hmm...i still dont understand the sense here and there thing....
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    wow...what a straight forward answer...O.o
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    reaction command is fun ^^ :lol:
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    Fenrir or Ultima?

    ultima is better for the cup thing because you need cure and protect
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    yeah i bring a fire magic type deck into the fight with axel :lol:
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    Riku in COM

    yeah i wont hurt you.... but i will kill you!! HEHMUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just jokin ^^
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    Master Xehanort

    maybe MX was too strong as his called MASTER already.....
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    new theory on the "Terra is Xeanort" thing.

    maybe in the end of BBS MX's apprentice betrayed him and steal his power or something then he somehow became immotal ??? terra is NOT MX
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    Just a Quick Question or maybe two...

    guess your right lol maybe the new enemy was created when a person have too much light lol
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    did anyone notice

    yeah maybe your right :lol: then again...i dont think there are fake keyblades....
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    Just a Quick Question or maybe two...

    hmm in BBS there will be a new type of enemy wonder what will it be called maby somebody??? :lol: ^^