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  1. steelizahall1915


    TANGLED! I freaking love this movie! It reminds me of all the great Disney movies made back in the 90's. So what does everybody else think of it? Love, hate, meh its decent?
  2. steelizahall1915

    1001 video games you must play before you die

    Yea it definitely is interesting. Here's a pretty good review with pictures and what not Review: 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die Also I first saw it at Barnes and Noble so I'm sure they have it as well
  3. steelizahall1915

    1001 video games you must play before you die

    I don't know if this is known or not but i couldn't find a post about it. Kingdom Hearts made it into the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die!! Here's the article:
  4. steelizahall1915

    Craziest Game Crossovers

    Hey i saw this too but just read it now!! Its a great find
  5. steelizahall1915

    Xigbar in 358/2 days

    True story you're right!!
  6. steelizahall1915

    Xigbar in 358/2 days

    Well you never know about Xigbar or how much he knows about stuff...
  7. steelizahall1915

    Xigbar in 358/2 days

    Maybe Xigbar knew his heartless was defeated?? Question: Think a nobody could defeat their heartless themselves so that they'd know they could come back as a full being?
  8. steelizahall1915

    Xigbar in 358/2 days

    Yea I hear ya, I've been wondering this too! I feel like Xigbar always has/had his own agenda and that he was working towards this in Days and even when he was with MX somewhat in BBS... its hard to say hopefully this will be explained one day.
  9. steelizahall1915

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    That's exactly what I've been doing and i'm on level 99 as well!! But thanks for help I have been patient so maybe I'll try attacking more often than not...
  10. steelizahall1915

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    I really hope this works for Terra because i'm fed up with the thunder surge/hoping not to die but then dying 5 seconds later approach that ISN'T WORKING AT ALL!! So thanks for posting this!
  11. steelizahall1915

    MF broke my PSP

    Sorry to hear your PSP broke! I'm just really frustrated with MF because I've beaten him with Aqua and Ven BUT I CAN'T BEAT HIM WITH TERRA!!! I'm on like 804,382nd try and I still can't get him down to less than two bars! AHH!!
  12. steelizahall1915

    Dengeki Online Award Rankings

    Wow thanks for the info!! That's great BBS/Nomura/SE got into so many categories :D
  13. steelizahall1915

    What would you think of an interview with Richard Epcar?

    Lol pretty much! But an interview with him would be sweet!! Honestly I like all the interviews with character voice actors just to see their perspective on the games and what not
  14. steelizahall1915

    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    Please for the PSP!! Im already saving up for a 3DS just for kingdom hearts... i don't need to be buying an NGP as well!
  15. steelizahall1915


    This is pretty cool made me respect Wikipedia a little more.... props to u Wikipedia props to u!!
  16. steelizahall1915

    Level 99 Roxas

    Well good luck hope u can do it! That is a lot of Dusks lol
  17. steelizahall1915

    Dreams and Memories

    Very nice theory! I enjoyed reading it especially the part about dreams and memories being connected! I totally agree with that. All this talk about KH 3D is making me want to get a 3DS...
  18. steelizahall1915

    Question about Terra's Scenario

    Alright that's what I figured too lol thanks
  19. steelizahall1915

    Question about Terra's Scenario

    Ok so I'm playing through Terra's story again in BBS and I'm at the part where he's talking to MX about Vanitas. Terra gets this "vision" type thing of Ven and Aqua with darkness surrounding the vision. Is this a vision of the future?? Otherwise what's up with it? This scene happens around...
  20. steelizahall1915


    what i do is just equip my deck with all mega flares and do the risky riches battle over and over. im pretty sure its the fastest way because it takes about 0:25 seconds to get 105 medals if u just spam the mega flares over and over :D