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  1. Narxus

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Boxart Revealed!

    You know, the human brain can only handle a certain amount of hype before it swells up and causes serious damage or death. I'd tone this crap down because we are reaching some critical levels here
  2. Narxus

    Classic Command System or Command Deck?

    Since 0.2 was supposedly originally a part of Kingdom Hearts III, I imagine it will have much of the same mechanics and command system as it will, serving as an introduction/demo to III's play style
  3. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Screenshots and Info

    I'm quite curious how they're going to change things so that DDD works on a PS4, and I wonder if this one's going to have any extra goodies in a somewhat Final Mix style, like more superbosses, cutscenes, etc. Oh well, I'm so excited! I never actually expected BbS V2 to actually happen, it just...
  4. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    Their are a couple of reasons I think they decided against that idea, most of them continuity issues. For one thing, there are a couple of actual events that play out in the video that wouldn't have flowed into the parts that come after, such as Ventus' Keyblade getting smashed during his fall...
  5. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    I understand why they didn't have Terra's eyes turning yellow, as quite frankly would have made no sense. Everything else though I completely agree with. Everything just felt so rushed and incoherent. *Master Xehanort and Vanitas just ascended on a really large rock, I'm just gonna...look up...
  6. Narxus

    News ► Kingdom Hearts II Manga Volume 9 Releasing on February 21!

    Not necessarily. Mangas are Japanese graphic novels, and are generally the source material for most animes. Manga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    My only guess for that is that when Xemnas used Ansem's computer to access the Chamber of Repose, he used the six Apprentices' names as passwords. When the lock screen came up, there were six slots, one for each name. My guess is that when the DtD was accessed, it had a similar function with...
  8. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    To be fair, Aeris was not an intentional change, it was a mistranslation. The original english FFVII called her Aeris because I believe there is no symbol for the 'th' sound in the Japanese alphabets, so some confusion came about as to what her name was. The mistake was eventually caught and...
  9. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    Sorry to disagree with you, but I feel that qualifies as far more of an annoyance than a mere 'nitpick' Good gosh that one had me gouging at my ears every time somebody said it.
  10. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    To be fair, they had just heard the name of Axel from Saïx earlier in the Sandlot, so it would make sense that they had his name fresh in their minds. The rest I agree with though
  11. Narxus

    Nitpicks and the little things

    No matter what we're playing, reading, or watching, there are always small details that we can't help but really love or really hate. These things don't tend to be much on their own, and they don't tend to effect your opinion on the grand whole that much, but whenever you do notice it you can't...
  12. Narxus

    Who had the best battle stance?

    Oh yeah, forgot about that one. Hmm, I don't know, it seems a little off, like she isn't sure how to hold it, but oh well.
  13. Narxus

    Who had the best battle stance?

    Kind of makes you wonder what Kairi's and Lea's battle poses are going to be like. I mean, I can't really see the pose Lea did with his frisbees/chakrams really work with a Keyblade. Maybe Kairi's will be similar to Aqua's, but not as poise and disciplined
  14. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Launch Trailer!

    Ok, I will say it straight out, nothing has made me cry for years. It doesn't matter how powerful, how heart-wrenching, or how emotional it is, it won't happen. I'll get emotional as crap, don't get me wrong, but I won't cry. I am currently drying my eyes right now because of this. It's just so...
  15. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    Just got mine, and I must say it is downright beautiful. The case is awesome, the artbook is awesome, and the plushie is just so darn adorable. I love it :3 Also, the box was pretty much undamaged. The only thing wrong with it is the the bit of peeling from taking the seal off, so that's nice. I...
  16. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    You mean there's another type of wrapping paper?
  17. Narxus

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I would definitely like to see quite a few of the newer Disney movies be in it, particularly Wreck-It-Ralph, Princess Frog, and Frozen. A)I think the Turbo Cybug, Shadow Man, and Marshmallow would make for some great and...
  18. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    I am certainly not against being wrong with this one, I just remember my friend who works at GameStop talking about how much trouble they get in when they release games early. I guess it's different with postal pre-orders or something. All I know is that the shipping tracker thingy is saying...
  19. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    They generally try to ship these things to where you'll get it on the release date, their nice like that. At worst, you'll get it a day late, two days at most. Sadly, I doubt we'll be seeing them early. As awesome as that would be, I'm pretty sure there's some kind of law/regulation against...
  20. Narxus

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Final Fantasy XV, and Type-0 in Famitsu Weekly!

    The Agito|XV image is so beautiful. I need that as a wallpaper