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  1. aweomeness96


    So first off, I haven't been on KH in a long time because I haven't even played Re:Coded or DDD (as I don't have a 3ds) so I avoided coming here to avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, as it's been a long time that the game has been out, I did learn the ending to DDD so that doesn't matter now...
  2. aweomeness96

    Lea Retaining Axel's Memories?

    Alright, we all know that Nobodies keep their memories from when they are humans, but does that mean it can work the other way around? Because by now, we know that Axel is gone and is going to come back as Lea soon, if his heartless was destroyed at least. If not, then that means that If he...
  3. aweomeness96

    NEW Theory on BBS:FM Secret Episode

    Ok guys, here comes ANOTHER theory about the Secret Episode, but, mine's different than the ones I have seen. I actually haven't done any research as of yet, but I think I know enough to where I can have this make sense. My theory is this: We all know Nomura has stated that the Secret Episode...
  4. aweomeness96

    Random Analysis

    Since this is in the spoiler section, I'm not gonna bother with tags, so: Roxas has Ven's heart, which in turn was a strong one. This is why Roxas can wield a keyblade. Xemnas, on the other hand, has none, so he can not. Hope this clears things up!
  5. aweomeness96

    Been bugging me for a while....

    Haha i was thinking the exact same thing! I just wanted to do sum more research b4 i put it up. Great theory though! I couldn't have stated it HALF as good as you!
  6. aweomeness96

    Mysterious Figure, who could it be?

    there are already so many threads on this! we will not know until a game (probably 3D) tells us who he is. so i think we should just drop the whole "Who is MF" thing. we are obviously not gonna find out anytime soon. i think of it kinda like the LS thing. just wait people!
  7. aweomeness96

    What level were you guys when you beat Wheel Master?

    On terra's story, on proud mode, I actually somehow managed to beat him at lvl 7 i think lol
  8. aweomeness96

    Roxas' Oblivion and Oathkeeper

    [SPOILER]Roxas' dual-wielding is a result of him destroying Xion, which awakened Ven's heart (which is really his now).[/SPOILER] The reason he chose those two is to represent the half-dark half-light thing going on. I mean, look at his Data Twilight Town clothes...
  9. aweomeness96


    maybe you are not hooked up to wi-fi on your psp?
  10. aweomeness96

    Ventus Meets Lea Fandub

    i thought it was pretty good, but just a little bit of help: when u r doing another fandub, make sure u boost the volume of the characters u dont do, so it all matches up. overall good tho!
  11. aweomeness96

    Namine's Keyblade?

    @Box_Ghost It still is a spoiler to some who hasnt played it/finished bbs and to those who havent spoiled themselves as well
  12. aweomeness96

    Namine's Keyblade?

    basically, roxas and xion were special cases... as we all know, u need a heart to wield a keyblade, no? well, while xion is a replica-sora, so just like repliku, i guess she is just able to wield a keyblade.... and, well, namine doesn't have a heart, and, even if she did, she still wouldn't be...
  13. aweomeness96

    Sora giving it back.

    Ven just gives sora the ability to dual-weild. Sora is a true keyblade weilder and doesn't depend on Ven's heart in anyway whatsoever, so he would just lose the ability to dual-weild.
  14. aweomeness96

    Nomura a Liar?

    no, he didn't lie. what he said was that heartless are rare, or they weren't introuduced into the worlds, so they couldnt be the main enemy (or something along those lines).... heartless existed, but only in the dark realm, and they were only pure-bread heartless, not emblem. but, when ven was...
  15. aweomeness96

    Total bummer

    ^ya, maybe. maybe to warn other people who are also unknowing of this? idk really
  16. aweomeness96

    Re:coded Site Updated - More Gameplay, Avatars [Video!], Screens, and more!

    Re: coded Site Updated - More Gameplay, Avatars [Video!], Screens, and more! look at the second pic of hollow bastion. look at riku... is it just me, or does it look like hes wearin an organization coat?
  17. aweomeness96

    the seven keyblade in the graveyard,

    its probably got no relevance, but, knowing TN, it could be possible... btw, 4th and 5th are mine!!!
  18. aweomeness96

    re:coded is so close, it's scary.

    Re: coded is so close, it's scary. actually, its comin out march 31, thats what gamestop says at least... or is that just a placeholder?
  19. aweomeness96

    New Plausible Theory

    that actually makes sense! actually, the more i think about it, the more plausible it gets! i usually dont read theories on MF because theyre mostly all the same, but i like ur approach, and like i said, it seems really plausible!
  20. aweomeness96

    Ansem's Research Data

    yeah, everyone is always sayin these theories, but with little differences... but, they all sound plausible, so the only thing we can do is wait.