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    Wondering what are peoples thoughts..

    On a starwars RP? like i was thinking a Masters and Padawan relationship RP where the Padawan is learning from the Jedi. Maybe fighting some Sith and revealling a secret in the process, im just throwing idea's around atm, anyone who is interested and has idea's let me know.
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    Life Of A Soldier

    Life of a Soldier 1939...this year has been marked in infamy, as the year to which one of the greatest wars in history began, World War II. So soon after it began, Germany quickly started to expand and conquer with its tyrannical ruler at its helm, and its seemingly never ending resources of...
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    Just a little thought

    Just wondering who might be interested in a war RP not so much fighting in one more like a portrayal of war, showing what wars are really like, the nitty gritty in your face kind of war. I was thinking of the characters all starting in a POW camp and working out a way to get out and then...
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    Oh Hai there :D

    Hey Guys just thought id post my first sig ive ever done ^_^ looking for some constructive criticism for it. Any feedback at all would be appreciated :D
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    Operation: Beharrlich

    A slim figured girl slowly glided above a forest. Her white,dove-like wings flapping listlessly at her sides. She spotted a small town just further on, deciding that landing in the middle of the city would be a stupid thing to do. She began decending to the forest floor. She touched down...
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    Operation Beharrlich (A Collab RP)

    Operation Beharrlich The snow fell lightly from the empty dark sky, already falling for quite some time to create a small blanket of the cold white substance both around the large area and over the stray large pine trees that seemingly dotted the landscape. The sound of something crackling...
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    ~The Enigmatic Man~ Challenge to Sephiroth2

    Hey all, just trying out this new character i made, I thought that sepiroth2 deserved to have the first fight against this new character, so he can name the location. Name: Enigma Age: 300 (looks 20) Appearance: His appearance and attire consist of a black leather jacket with two long pieces...
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    Renewing The Roots. (challenge to Sephiroth2)

    Come, Sephiroth2 I need someone to renew my excitement that Roleplaying once brought me. I wish to use a brand new character that i have been working on for some time Name: Chao Wei Age: 24 Gender: Male Appearance: A young well toned man, His clothes hang gracefully from his body, He is usually...
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    Open Challenge ~ Brand New Character.

    K just bare with me with this character hes pretty new,trying to develop him Name: Unit 314 (Consisiting of a set of five to ten units with unit number and order of creation. Eg, Unit 314-01, 314-02, etc) Age: Ageless Gendar: Can differ between Male and Female. But the majority will be Male...
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    Challenge to an old friend

    I dont think i need to say much more on this topic as im quite sure he knows im talking about him. Apparently he's testing a new character. Let's see how he goes eh?
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    Getting back into the swing of things

    It's been a while since I've been here. I must admit it brings back a lot of memories. Some good, some bad. But most of them good. Anyway, looking for an interesting opponent for a battle. Location: Desolate wasteland full of junk parts and sand. Looking forward to hearing from somebody.
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    Metal Gear Solid: Everything Must Return To Zero.

    Several years after the events of Liquid Ocelot's plans to destroy the patriots by using their own proxy, Solid Snake to destroy them using a program modeled after "FOXDIE" and improved on by Olga's daughter Sunny, Called "FOXALIVE", the program destoryed the AI's that in essence were the...
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    Fog Of War

    The mechanical sound of an alarm clock brought him out of his weary slumber as the sun shined though the velvet curtains of his bedroom, illuminating the darkness in the corners and a soft golden light penetrated the room. Rikken sat up out of his bed, his usually neat hair in a mess, he...
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    The Fog Of War

    A Man shrouded in a black cloak walked swiftly though the dark streets towards a dimly lit bar in the distance. Rain was trickling down his long blonde mane of hair and onto his face, His heavy boot steps muffled by the rain as he made his way down the street. The darkness of the night confiding...
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    ~^Cowboy Bebop: Tales of the Bebop^~ (A co-op RP)

    Myself and Snowdog are starting a cowboy RP for anyone who is interested, Plot: In the year 2021, ring-shaped hyperspace gateways (also referred to as "astral gates") were constructed across the solar system, allowing easy interplanetary travel. Unfortunately, the gate network contained a...
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    My Comeback ~ Open Challenge

    I'd like to announce my comeback, just an open challenge to begin with, I'll accept anyone.. i guess.
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    Venting Some Anger - Tired of Restraint

    Ok my mental state has been on somewhat of a downhill slide since my dad left and im really really stressed at this point in My life. Heaven Help the guy who takes on this challenge for there will be no holding back once it begins. I will be using Rikken Im tired of this pointless existance...
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    Original RP ~*~ Sindicates

    Ok.. Here we go, ~*~ Plot ~*~ I have started to write a fanfic and am looking for inspriation, Based on the Japanese sindicates. Three sindicates. The Blue Turtles, White Tigers and Yellow Phoenix. Each more ruthless than the last. The city of Laliao, Each sindicate controls a certain part...
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    Of Vampires and Mortals - Hellsing RP

    Hey Just wondering how many people might be interested in a Hellsing RP? Im working on the plot but it's prolly going to take place after the last episode of Hellsing Name: Age: Gendar: Race: Human/Vampire Appearance: (for vampire's this will include a normal appearance and a vampire one.)...
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    FLCL - The Open Mind

    ok.. this is my first try at a FLCL RP. For those of you who don't know what FLCL is.. your just like the main character utterly clueless. FLCL is a being that is brought into existance though the time space continum. Basically beings from beyond the stars though creatures can be pulled into...