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    Different forms of Kingdom Hearts???

    -Sorry if its in the wrong section. So is there all of kinds of Kingdom Hearts?because in KH1 its a door and its The Heart 0f All Worlds,KH2 was the heart moon and hearts of men,then BBS was that blue heart in the sky and idk what they called it...so is there lots of Kingdom Hearts?
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    which path wud u hav taken

    I would choose dawn but if Ansem got to him and stuff it would be cool to see him in the dark side.
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    Little help please!

    How do you make Cure into Curaga?and Aero into Aeroga?
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    I would think it would be Luxord because he's a gambler,just like what InfiniteTwilight said.
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    Favorite card.

    Attach-Ultima Magic-Cloud Item-MegaLixer Enemy-Luxord
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    Is it worth it?

    Hell ya!its worth it!
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    Xigbar's role in Land of Dragons

    Xigbar turns that dragon into a Heartless and makes it attack the city.
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    About Sora's choice...

    Ever wonder if Sora choice was to keep the momories of the castle?Would he know more about the 0rg and Roxas?Would the story be way different if he choose the castle memories?Tell me what you think?...
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    The order of power in Organization XIII?

    WilliamTheWise is right,Saix is No.2 and Axel was a high ranked member.
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    Favorite Castle?

    Title says it all: Which is your favorite? -Maleficent's Castle"Kingdom Hearts 1" -Castle 0blivion -That Castle That Never Was -Ansem The Wise's Castle"Kingdom Hearts 2" -Beast's Castle -Disney Castle ~I like all of them!
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    Jimminy's journal durin Hollow Bastion 2nd visit

    I think its this too.
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    I loved that,it was hella cool.
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    Anything w/Sephiroth.
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    Jimminy's journal durin Hollow Bastion 2nd visit

    It was with something Mickey said to them i think or the Xeharnort picture...but if Final Mix goes in the Us i think it can explain.
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    Btw:I love the game but im just saying,didnt expected it easy.
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    Organization 13 weapons

    Wow,this is fun..!lol! Xemnas-0athkeeper/0blivion;Endless Nothingness. Xigbar-Aerial Blades/Lasers;Shooting lasers! Xaldin-Scythe,Hella windy weather..? Vexen-6Lances;Icy long reach. Lexaeus-Kite Shield;Ultimate defense..? Zexion-Cards;New lord of C0!? Saix-Claymore;Keep~Gets so Berserk...
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    Tell Me Why He Chose You

    Confusion!it can be-Riku,Axel,Diz or the Keyblade.which is it?!
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    Doesn't everybody think that KH2 is a disappointment?i mean its too easy and not hard like KH1.Speically w/Abilities!KH2 doesn't have limit moves like Strike Raid or Sonic Blade so attacking is more easier in KH2,Reaction Commands made it easy,ETC.So tell me what you guys think.
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    do you know why???????

    Theres the answer.
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    who knows this question!

    Idk. Riku meets Diz in C0 in TT,then Riku and Mickey meets him before facing Ansem.The Crossroads are at the end.