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    Ventus will beat your ass for that, man. For realz.
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    Axel and Saix's...

    My theory all along. <33 Well done.
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    What if Plan A Failed?

    *uses imaginary rep system* s1seafoodsoup
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    How many keyblades are there???

    This question has been asked for a long time, but I think I am the only one thus far that knows the real answer. Over 9,000....
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    Winnie the Pooh. ......
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    yeah, you have a point. i think when ven is no longer part of his heart and he puts back everything connected to him, he won't be able to wield a keyblade anymore.
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    No prob. :D Ventus, I believe, is the only reason why Sora is a wielder in the first place.
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    Ventus' heart. 252525252525252525
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    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    OMG OMG *FANGASMS EVERYWHERE OVER BRAIG* i beat thylings to it.
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    BbS Ultimania "Plot Mysteries" Nomura interview

    Another Isa/Saix fan! :D I'm serious. Norty did SOMETHING to f*ck him up. And whatever he did made him the cold and cruel Nobody we saw as Saix. Isa is so sweet that I almost cried when I saw how different he was from Saix. I think that whatever happened to him as Isa, made him (at first) a...
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    I'm with you on this, too. Don't worry about it, some people just don't like to think and want every little detail handed to them. These answers are pretty straightforward. I'm very happy.
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    BbS Ultimania "Plot Mysteries" Nomura interview

    I can understand Braig's case pretty clearly, but... OMG ISA WHAT DID NORTY DO TO YOU??!! s1worstbirthdayever *angry Isa fangirl RAGE*
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    Case closed. It isn't because of fucking Xion. That aside, thanks so much for the translations!!
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    BBS Boss List (Spoilers!)

    Thanks for the list! :D Very helpful.
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    MX: Alter ego of Xemnas?

    I think that Terra had more of a influence on Xemnas than MX did. However, he did share much of the plotting and manipulation tactics that MX used. I see it as either he has some of Terra's memories, or he had Terra's heart. Though they are pretty much the same, that's my bet.
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    Riku and Master Xehanort?

    Because Master Xehanort is Riku's long lost relative. LOL. I think it was more symbolic, both Xehanort and Riku wanting to leave their world to become stronger.
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    I would be insanely happy if this happened. A Keyblade Master like young MX, plus look how muscular he looked from the back! This battle would be epic if it happens.
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    Will Vanitas Return?

    Vanitas needs to come back so Sora can get all s1eyeballs at the sight of his evil twin.
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    Square Enix announces BbS for NA

    *EXPLODES WITH HAPPINESS!*- ohwait. E10+??? I bet any money that Braig getting his eye blown out by Terra will be censored in some way, along with his sniper rifle thing. and Terranort choking Aqua.