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    Manga and Light Novels

    Yeah this helps. Thanks a lot!
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    Manga and Light Novels

    Hey there everyone. I have been trying to track down the manga and light novels and I'm a bit confused about how many books there are. I want to be able to get all of them, but like I said I'm just a bit confused and would like some help as to what all the books are called. Thanks!
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    What are your favorite moments in the KH Series?

    As the title says, what are your favorite moments? I'm gonna do a top 10 list and you guys can just follow suit. This list is in no particular order and can include battles, cutscenes, openings, and secret endings. Basically any part of the game. The Gathering and Birth By Sleep (Secret Endings...
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    KH 2.5 - BBS FM Ending - Will they change the 'BBS: Volume 2' Scene?

    If this game was to be made then the stories I feel that need to be explained would Mickey's story from the start of KH1 to right before he is able to finally physically join Riku in Castle Oblivion during CoM. The final boss for this story would be the Red Eyed Heartless that Aqua fought in...
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    Lit ► Turkisss World: The Flying Liar by Ken Selwonk

    That first word in the title is spelled correctly everyone. Okay, now that I got that out of the way let me explain to you what this is. Turkisss World: The Flying Liar is a children's novel released back in September I believe. Most of you probably just clicked out of here once I said...
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    The Keyblade War Game

    I just had a thought for the next game in the series after KH3. Obviously, by the name of the thread it would be the Keyblade War. Many people want to know the events of the war (not just Xehanort) and this would be the perfect way to do (Captain Obvious). The war was shrouded in mystery and the...
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    358/2 Days: What am I missing?

    Days was actually very good. Honestly, story wise, I think I've like the portable games better than the console games. Gameplay was, while sometimes slow and some of the Heartless were a bit annoying, pretty good. Its the last KH game that uses the original KH1 and KH2 command style (which I...
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    Huge Plot Hole

    The reason that they appear in their KH1 clothes is because of Yensid and the Realm of Sleep. The island is not in the past. They went to the Realm of Sleep where a piece of the island was still sleeping. Coincidentally, that part was when it was destroyed. Its kinda like how past versions of...
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    Something that occurred to me about the ending.

    That makes better sense. I actually thought it was because Ansem had spent so much time in the Realm of Darkness and it had affected his memory especially considering when he spoke to Aqua on the Dark Margin he couldn't remember Sora's name either.
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    Roxas's memory loss...

    I don't think it was fully explained/confirmed, but its pretty much true that it was DiZ's doing (having Namine erase his memories) especially considering near the end of the game when DiZ/Ansem dies he says "And Roxas, I don't know if you can here me, but I am truely sorry."
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    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Sora wants Roxas to be his own person though plus Roxas probably grew his own heart. Kairi is a possibility, but I just can't see it. She might be, but she might just be learning how to use the Keyblade to help protect herself. Also, about Marluxia and Larxene being Darknesses. They can't be...
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    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Darknesses 1. Master Xehanort 2. Young Xehanort 3. Xemnas 4. "Ansem" 5. Braig 6. Isa 7. Vanitas (almost definite) 8. Riku Replica or Dark Riku (Ansem controlling him) or maybe even KH1 Riku before he became Dark Riku (seems likely since one of them appeared in Monstro) 9. Terranort or Terra...
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    What are your favourite lines?

    I guess the lines have to be from DDD since this is in the Spoiler Section. I haven't played it so I'm just gonna say my favorite line from another one of the games of the series. Ansem: His heart belongs again to darkness. All worlds begin in darkness and all so end. The heart is no different...
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    A question regarding the Organization

    In Axel/Lea's case, IDK. For Namine, Roxas, and Xion, it has been stated that they are individual being that exist even though they are Nobodies and a Replica so they have there own hearts. They have there own memories. They aren't Sora and Kairi, they are Namine, Roxas, and Xion. Axel on the...
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    Before KH3D.

    Mario looks like a BOSS! I wonder if he would have been the King of Nintendo/Mushroom Castle. Peach would have finally gotten to be a Queen lol. Daisy would be the Princess kinda like Daisy Duck is. Kinda funny they are both named Daisy. Luigi would have been the Court Mage. And Yoshi would be...
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    Before KH3D.

    Blonde Haired Kid and Unknown Elder Mage were so funny. TAV being adult versions of SRK. And then they were their parents and then it was finally revealed they had no connection except for the names. I thought DiZ was the leader of Organization XIII before KH2 came out. Axel being Riku's Nobody...
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    "Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made"- Gamesradar

    I do agree with that, but I also jumped, used guard, and sometimes had to plan my button mashing because enemies and bosses would counter more often (it seemed that way to me). Plus, I used summons more often and the inclusion of limits and reaction commands allowed a lot more ways to vanquish...
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    "Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made"- Gamesradar

    I do agree the adventuring/exploration wasn't as good, but then again all the games after KH1 have been lacking in this department in my opinion. The combat was easier, but it was fun in my opinion. I mean who wants a tough combat system? Thats kinda like saying the control setup being broken is...
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    "Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made"- Gamesradar

    Personally, KH2 is my favorite game of the series. In the game play aspect of it anyway. I think BBS has the best story (I haven't played Coded or 3D). KH2's combat system seemed more fluid and was fun. The only bad thing about it was it was always fast paced combat with all of flashy moves...
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    How could...

    If the worlds that are in the Realm of Sleep in the past then how is Geppetto's house already built in Traverse Town? Leon built it when Geppetto and Pinochio arrived from Monstro.