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    Roxas and Ven

    That does sound like a possible theory.
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    Days E3 Press Kit Leaked

    I uploaded the video to YouTube a couple days back incase anyone can't download the press kit.
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    English Days Site!

    I just hope they completely update this one by the time the game comes out. Kingdom Hearts II, anyone?
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    english days

    I always thought it was "Zee-on." Oh well. =/
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    Complete Nintendo Power scans + Press Release thing from E3.

    Wow, I can't help but think the Nomura interview is partly fake. Towards the end, he says that the game is the first KH with a multiplayer mode- that's a lie.
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    (Spoliers 358/2 Days) A Secret Ending?

    I didn't expect there to be a secret ending, to be honest. Chain of Memories never had one, and it managed to lead right into Kingdom Hearts II- why should 358/2 Days?
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    (Spoilers Days) Zexion/Roxas/Riku DI Scene

    I'm just gonna wait for the English release of the game before I try to understand what the HELL just happened.
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    (Spoilers 358/2 Days) Ripped Music

    Nice. I love Xion's Theme.
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    New English Days Screen On IGN.com

    I'd say that the development team first makes the cutscenes using the same graphics engine as the PS2 games, and then compresses them to use on the DS. The screen was probably just taken pre-compression, and then translated. Can I be considered as smart? :D
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    358/2 Days Bundle coming to US?

    The only handheld bundles of recent times I can think of that have made it overseas are the Pokemon D/P DS bundle, and soon, the Dissidia PSP bundle, although it's a normal PSP without special art on the back.
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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    Any scene where Roxas denies Axel. Eh, I'd have to say most of the scenes toward the end of the game. Oh, and the 1000 Heartless battle. <3 Also, it'd be a shame if I didn't include the whole Cloud vs. Sephiroth thing, lol.
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    I'm gonna laugh if SSIC gets picked up by the same guys who make the Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream- misplaced gumball eyes, anyone? xD
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    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Probably Luxord. ... Dammit.
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    Sanctuary may get an official release after all...

    I'd like that too, lol. Specifically the Closing/After the Battle (Whatever you wanna call it) version. Also, is the version of Sanctuary on there the "full" version?
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    Sanctuary may get an official release after all...

    I hope she succeeds. ^^ But if she does get Simple & Clean approved, I hope it's the PLANITb remix. I hate the original version- it's too slow.
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    Question about the "Chasers"

    Where was it confirmed that they're called Chasers? I know I read an article about it somewhere, but I have no clue where. Anyone mind telling me? xD Thanks.
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    re:chain of memories trailer

    Re: chain of memories trailer I'm glad they kept their promise of making one, but it seemed like it was rushed. I didn't like it much.
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    Excuse me...

    Well first off, just what in the HELL do those cards do? x.x'
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    I noticed something about Destiny Islands...

    Okay. In Kingdom Hearts, we obviously can only see one island in Destiny Islands, although in one cutscene, Sora is in a house that isn't on that island. In Kingdom Hearts II, when Selphie and Kairi are walking, you can obviously tell that they are on some sort of mainland, while the island from...
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    They should have added a Sephiroth fight

    I don't think a Sephiroth side-quest should have been added. For one, he would totally pwn you with sleight after sleight after sleight. Also, yeah, Sephiroth is getting a bit old. How about a fight against Jecht next?