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  1. MyNameisAnsem

    Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection?

    Ah, I see. What about abilities? Do you learn some sooner?
  2. MyNameisAnsem

    My First Time Trying the High Jump Glitch

    So when I first played Kingdom Hearts and got to Destiny Islands in the End of the World, I figured I attempt the high jump glitch. I head over to the shack and start jumping, and after a few tries, I finally get it right and end up so high off the ground that Destiny Islands is no more than a...
  3. MyNameisAnsem

    Should Nobodies have Memories Theoretically?

    Ah, thanks for the Ansem Report. It does make sense. Now that I think of it, and I can't believe I didn't realize it before, then if memories are stored in the heart, then that's a reason to support why Nobodies can have hearts. They have to be stored somewhere. Of course, I know now that they...
  4. MyNameisAnsem

    Destiny Islands Leveling

    Night of Fate or Destiny Islands theme?
  5. MyNameisAnsem

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    His face does seem to have an expression of... certain evil. And weirdness. But hey, it's not awful. I don't think so anyway.
  6. MyNameisAnsem

    Question About Restoring Sora's Memories

    Even though Riku probably can't take them all on at once, I don't think they'd all go anyway. I can't see the castle being left alone, dave for the lessers, and besides, Xemnas seems content to reside in his castle.
  7. MyNameisAnsem

    Destiny Islands Leveling

    I like the Destiny Island music and all, but it would get irritating after a while. Night of Fate is good, but I feel the same would happen to that after a while.
  8. MyNameisAnsem

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    Nah, he'll only reveal his plan when everything is just about to go perfectly for him. At least, that's what DDD was like.
  9. MyNameisAnsem

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    Huh. Something about seeing it on a box... I don't know how to say it, but I can see why it's alright there.
  10. MyNameisAnsem

    Terra's eyes should have turned yellow

    True. I guess saying "mind" is the way the line sounds best too. It seems to fit in with body and heart, but maybe that's just because this is one of my favorite KH lines.
  11. MyNameisAnsem

    What if Xaldin were Successful? -- Beast's Nobody

    Now that I think of it, how would he have gotten there in the first place?
  12. MyNameisAnsem

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    Do that many people really think it's bad? I like it, so maybe I just don't really see how many people are complaining.
  13. MyNameisAnsem

    Destiny Islands Leveling

    Am I the only one who thought it wasn't worth the time to constantly fight Shadow after Shadow just to gain experience, which you can do in Traverse Town while running around everywhere? You don't even get much experience from Shadows, so it would take to long.
  14. MyNameisAnsem

    Should Nobodies have Memories Theoretically?

    When did Ansem hypothesize that? Was it in an Ansem Report?
  15. MyNameisAnsem

    Terra's eyes should have turned yellow

    Oh, okay. I guess I might have taken the one Xehanort line a little too literally, along with other material.
  16. MyNameisAnsem

    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    I don't think I could handle that many playthroughs. Just too many, no matter what kind of trophy they give me.
  17. MyNameisAnsem

    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    What baffled me almost as much is the gameplay that followed. Somehow, the Wooden Sword can damage the very powerful Heartless in Hollow Bastion, but not the Shadows on Destiny Islands. Sure, it would have to work like that because they player shouldn't have had to totally rely on Beast, but it...
  18. MyNameisAnsem

    Xemnas and the keyblade

    Maybe he just thought that that room offered even more seclusion. Was that where the armor ended up being placed after Terranort is taken by Ansem?
  19. MyNameisAnsem

    Apprentice Xehanort is irrelevant

    Oh, okay then. Now that I reread the post, it makes sense, given that that MX is apparently the one revived after Ansem and Xemnas were defeated.
  20. MyNameisAnsem

    Terra's eyes should have turned yellow

    I think Terra couldn't be fighting back like you say, but about that last part. That's Terra's and Xehanort's arguing. His mind is currently in the Lingering Will.