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    Happy Birthday Raito

    Yes, I know Im early a day, but I wanted to make this thread and I cant be on tonight so screw you :P Anyways, with much love, happy birthday Richard.
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    Intellectual and Physical Love

    For some time, I have been thinking this through. In my mind, from what I see and feel, I propose that there are two kinds of love. These two being intellectual and physical love. Intellectual love is not bound by race, gender, or body at all. It is loving a person for what and how they...
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    In need of a video card.

    Here are my system stats. I'm..."hardware challenged" so bare with me. Budget: $100 (Give or take 20, yes I know it's cheap, BB already told me -.-)
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    CD-RW drive problems.

    A few months ago my CD burner ceased to work. When I insert a CD it isn't able to read it. When I try to burn a CD it doesn't work. So in essence, it's dead. However, the drive does respond when I put in a CD. It shows the mouse pointer with a little spinning CD next to it and such. But...
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    The Soul

    A soul is seen by many as the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body. Overlooking the scientific aspects that make up these traits of a person, do you think a soul exists? Some people believe that you...
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    Account Error?

    Well, I feel something strange is going on. First, I have reached 1,000 posts, yet it doesn't say I am a Premium Member. I don't know if they changed the qualification or if there is something wrong. Secondly, I have sent two PMs to two different people, yet I have gotten no response. I...
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    Updated KH2 Release date

    Old news, we know it's released in march. Nuf said.
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    Power Abuse.

    First of all, I would like to state that I had nothing against this person in question. This person in question is Reyman, an Adv. RPG Team member. Proof: http://h1.ripway.com/TwilightSora/showthread.php.htm (Recovered thanks to history.) It all started when I was posting a simple thread in...
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    Convince me.

    The best GBA graphics ever to be introduced, thats all. Gameplay is repetitive. Also note: All those idiots who said you won't understand KH2 without playing KH:COM are retards. It has specifically been said many times that KH:COM story has nothing/near nothing to do with KH2 which means you...
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    All of you who just said, "I've never tried it" or the guy who said "I don't even own it", what you said is basically spam, so please stop.
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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    This seems like to much information to be true. I can't believe this and I doubt Nomaru lied about the partners. Most of that information seems fake to me, so grain of salt everybody.
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    March for sure....

    If this is really true.......w00000000000000t! I can wait 4 months.
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    where can you get chain of memories for your cpu?

    Just to point out, it would be EXTREMELY difficult for the game company to track you down and sue you for illegaly using there games....so.......yeah.......... XXXXXXUXXXXCXXXXXAXXXXNXXXXXUXXXXSXXXXXEXXXXXIXXXXXTXXXXX :)
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    where can you get chain of memories for your cpu?

    Errr, wow, I didn't know so many people didn't know about emulators...... Anyways, its only illegal if they catch you ^^. Lol, joke, technically if you want to use Visual Boy Advance legally you have to have the original GBA version in your possesion. If you don't have the original in your...
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    TwilightSora (the member) says hi.

    Hey guys, I haven't been here for a while and I've been disconected from the net. I'd just like to say for those of you who know me that I'll be back on the site when summer ends. Sorry I left so abruptly. I hope to talk to you all soon. See ya.
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    Is Jack back?

    I think it should be on the main KH2 site, just look around the screen shots section.
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    I read over the Ansem Reports again, and...

    I see what your trying to point out. From my understanding you saying that the keyblade may lead to saving the worlds but also destroying the worlds. That leads me to believe that maybe Sora and BHK are those two sides, maybe one is meant to save the world (Sora possibly) and one is meant to...
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    This thread has the wrong poll.

    I was looking over this thread called God or no God and it has the wrong poll in it. http://forums.kingdomhearts2.net/showthread.php?t=8451 Instead of having the poll it is supposed to have it has a poll from the thread "Diz Who". Is there a way for someone to fix this, its a pretty big and...
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    Don't mean to brag, but here is the truth of BHK and all the three letter peeps.

    Thats it, KL im taking your n00b hate list...........this guy just convinced me to. Sorry but your brag statement was the last straw, you are verry late..........
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    I found something!!!!!

    That was a picture someone made of they're ideas, that is not official.