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  1. Lingering Eraqus

    Riku is amazing in this game!

    For sure had some of the most memorable scenes in the whole game. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - English Cutscenes Part 6: La Cité Des Cloches (Riku) - YouTube His character development is something else.
  2. Lingering Eraqus

    Help/Support ► Which College Should I Go To

    This shouldn't probably influence your decision, but if you were into singing it, Amherst might have been the school for you!
  3. Lingering Eraqus

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    Great they used the orchestral Hikari version for the special trailer! Also just had a thought in mind how this game is in many ways a 10 years anniversary game. You have so many references and links to past games and the mere fact that you play with the younger incarnations of Sora and Riku...
  4. Lingering Eraqus

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    The cover succeeds in many ways. Rather simplistic, colors are really beautiful!
  5. Lingering Eraqus

    Young MX revealed!

    Uh, is young Xehanort not supposed to look like Ansem Seeker of Darkness? Story wise that would make perfect sense in my opinion aswell.
  6. Lingering Eraqus

    I just remembered something!

    The question for me is if they had the armor thing in mind when they created the Lingering Sentiment for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix! But probably not, I think it even could have been the other way! I like the thought though!
  7. Lingering Eraqus

    "Our Master"

    I thought Yen Sid was their master too, hence in the Land of Departure they have some kind of connection to conversate behind the 3 seats! By the way, I always wondered why there are 3 seats anyway. Yea it seems that Yen Sid does not show a great responsiblity, but he not really showed that...
  8. Lingering Eraqus

    Birth by Sleep official soundtrack discussion

    I love the soundtrack, Aqua's theme got to be my favorite at the moment, Ven's theme and Terra's theme are great too. "Land of Departure" is a great track to start the story. I think I actually did not recognize "Fragments of Sorrow" at first, but I definitely recognized the Fate of the...
  9. Lingering Eraqus

    Conclusion? + questions!

    Now we're talking! Thank you too, those things kept me in the dark. Now I can't wait for the next installment! Òó It's interesting, similiar to the Metal Gear series, prequels let you re-experience the story in a new way, and I think that's good!
  10. Lingering Eraqus

    Conclusion? + questions!

    Thanks for the answers! Now I'll check out KH and KH2! Don't know about Days, might try it out too some time soon!
  11. Lingering Eraqus

    Conclusion? + questions!

    I've seen blank points, still I don't fully understand all the plot devices etc.! What happens to Terra after BBS? What I've seen in the secret ending makes me think that he had an ongoing struggle with Xehanort and even if that's the case, did it influence Xemnas or Ansem SoD in any way? When...
  12. Lingering Eraqus

    The Command Board is the Cheapest thing ever. Yet I need to beat all of them.

    Me and my friends had a great time playing Command Board! We had been mouning about how we don't have a Mario Party like game to enjoy. And CB kinda feels like MP or Monopoly, and we like board games!
  13. Lingering Eraqus

    Hello everyone!

    I just finished the story of Birth by Sleep, and I'm still blown away how great this entry to the series is! The site and the forum really got my intersted to join a Kingdom Hearts forum so here I am. Hope I get to know some of you guys here!