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    Making Sense of the Xehanorts

    Wow, Grass. All of it makes total sense and it connects to everything! Kudos! You're amazing! But I have a question,... what /exactly/ is the mystery that you said that remains?
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    Where do you stand?

    <3 Totally agree with you! Although I still like Xemnas. But he is a bit of a creeper,...
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    Now that we've seen the BBS final boss, which Final Boss was the most epic in the series?

    I pick Ansem. Lol I always love the first 'final' boss. I feel like it started it all. xD
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    Theory- Riku, Master, Dualwield?

    I'm sorry but can you explain to me how would Riku ever have Eraqus' or Xehanort's heart?
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    OMG new secret BBS cutscene?!?!?!

    OH GOD. I'm still laughing. That was awesome.
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    Sora and Castle Oblivion

    They tried. Well in that cutscene where Xigbar is talking to Zexion about Xemnas talking to the Aqua Armor in his secret room, didn't he also mention how Xemnas was also looking for another room like it in CO (a.k.a. The Room of Waking)? I'm going to go re-watch that cutscene now actually. Got...
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    Ok what the hell happened with this mofo (spoilers)

    Oh yeah... but then would that mean his nobody would have the same power Namine did over Sora, but for Terra?
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    Ok what the hell happened with this mofo (spoilers)

    Yeah, that is true. Wouldn't he need his body since the empty shell of the body becomes a Nobody?
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    so uh

    Oh god. It's looking scarier by the second! I vote Kingdom Hearts to be the most twisted, confusing, connected game on the planet;; But you got to love it for that. lettuceshamisen
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    Oh Hi Secret Boss...did you get beaten without fire?

    I would so pay to see that. Well not really, but man that would need some major patience and mad skills.
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    Oh okay; Yeah now it all makes more sense. (no i'm not saying it in a sarcastic way xD )
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    so uh

    Geez, doesn't it get a little cramped in there!? I remember when this game was simple. And even then everyone thought it was confusing! facepalm
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    so now this cloaks protects against the darkness?
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    My questions after BBS

    Kairi is a special Nobody. She was made when Sora released Kairi's heart from inside him with that Keyblade. Namine = Kairi's Heart, Sora's Body & Soul. So she has the power of Sora's Memories.
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    MX is badass, your thoughts?

    I know! Everyone says she's useless but if it wasn't for her, there'd be no KH CoM, RE:CoM, II, etc.! Sora would've stayed a Heartless.
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    MX is badass, your thoughts?

    LOL don't even bring that up here! I actually don't mind Kairi but when it comes to badass PLEASE;
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    MX is badass, your thoughts?

    I think MX is a little more badass than Xig but theyre both pretty badass. AND HEY. Pickles can be VERY threatening!
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    MX is badass, your thoughts?

    That seriously looks like Aqerranort is going to be born.
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    [bbs] SPOILERS. Ven's age

    W-wait i thought we were talking about Ven? and CONGRATS. shamisen
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    MX is badass, your thoughts?

    :heart: The truth of it all!