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  1. kitethehero205

    Reflecting on 16 years on this forum (aka the "once a decade post")

    About 15 years strong here yall! Just came back today after a long long time! Nice to see the forums still so active!
  2. kitethehero205

    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    Hey all! Haven’t been on the forums since the theorizing of kh2 before launch! Great to see the forums even livelier than ever! i personally was already satisfied with vanilla KH3, but ReMind made the game 10X better for me! I haven’t felt that inspirered to “get gud’ at a game in a very long...
  3. kitethehero205

    **Spoiler?!?!** New Heartless?

    ur right Xaldin. hey man no offense but WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN.....
  4. kitethehero205

    riku cutscenes

    dude check the youtube site. They update their videos like everyday
  5. kitethehero205

    New/Updated Information

    sorry for bouble posting I ment XEDELAS
  6. kitethehero205

    New/Updated Information

    XELDAS go do some crack and leave us alone[jk] but not the "leave us alone" part
  7. kitethehero205


    is that his FINAL FORM or something? For that pic of Xemnas
  8. kitethehero205

    And the shortest world visit isssss (Slight Spoilier)

    Xaldin my boy.......OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!
  9. kitethehero205

    Roxas is Axel's best friend...interesting

    hey dude sorry to burst your bubble but there was already a thread discussing this.
  10. kitethehero205

    Xemnas his face!

    well now w e know who is number 1
  11. kitethehero205

    KHII like JAK II? (Spoilers)

  12. kitethehero205

    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    beast-like innerfred? wow..... kind of reminds me of naruto
  13. kitethehero205

    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    it never stops....
  14. kitethehero205

    SPOILERS- Riku?

    yo guys.... riku is the sh**!!! hell yeah!!
  15. kitethehero205

    What's to come in aMagazine + DARK FORM

    Xaldin..... i fu**in love you man. you're the greatest
  16. kitethehero205


    WTF i dn't think so
  17. kitethehero205

    An Unexpected Summon

    oh christ not her.... but you know what would be really surprising if.........................actually i don't know????
  18. kitethehero205

    New KH/KHII card pictures/ Better Ultimania Cover picture

    Xaldin you're amazing....AMAZING
  19. kitethehero205

    My Theories

    yo milkman awesome pics... very well done man you might be the next Xaldin