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  1. VenSoraRoxas?

    Scan of The Grid in Latest Jump Magazine!

    Who didn't know that it was Tron the first time they saw Rinzler? Anyway, double Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde in Kingdom Hearts? Perfection.
  2. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    dream drop distance sounds like an underground pop band
  3. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    It looks like you'll get to play with eraqus' keyblade in the realm of darkness
  4. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Your strong opinion,sig ,and avatar have lead me to respect you quite a bit. I hope KH3D recaptures the heart of the series
  5. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    When I say Fan-made I mean made by a fan. It has Riku staring ASoD in the eyes and sora staring Xemnas in the eyes. C'mon that almost merits a fan-girl squeal or fan-fic
  6. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Personal KH History: KH1: Sister brings it over. Oh wow I love this game. Next day goes to game store and buys it. Plays it with fascination and amazement almost obsessively. Sees ending and thinks that it is an all time favorite. KHCoM: Hmm, looks like a gameboy version. Had no idea it was...
  7. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBS official site update

    Aw, you got me. Way to get all technical. But you know what I meant haha. Anyway if Mark Hamill really is Terra, this may just be the best kh ever!
  8. VenSoraRoxas?

    BBS official site update

    It's about time. I am so excited. However, I am also torn because I know that the game won't come out until fall and summer will be over. I am looking foward to it but not.
  9. VenSoraRoxas?

    Where did you get your final form?!?!

    Haha It activated the very first time I fought Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts with goofy and riku so i got to see the next cutscene with sora in silver. It sucked though because when you beat the game it doesn't save so I didn't get to keep it.
  10. VenSoraRoxas?

    Why the long faces?

    I hate it when people complain and cry about the story-line of KH2. If it weren't for KH2 we wouldn't be all psyched up for days and Bbs and coded. People always whine about stupid things like Kairi being to girly and Sora being obnoxious by questing for Riku. The truth is that you all know you...
  11. VenSoraRoxas?

    Organization 13 heartless

    What makes a strong heart?
  12. VenSoraRoxas?

    358/2 Days site update

    Y'know that little meter at the top left of the screen. I guess that's how many hearts harvested for the mission. I wonder if it ends at a certain amount. Sorry if this is old news.
  13. VenSoraRoxas?

    Organization 13 heartless

    Many thanks for discussion guys. But now I have some more questions....
  14. VenSoraRoxas?

    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    I'm gonna own with my light sabers as xemnas. Then I'm gonna smack down with Axel and so forth in that fashion. I don't hate any charecters in kingdom hearts but I don't particularly like Xion. Probably won't be her more than a couple times.
  15. VenSoraRoxas?

    Organization 13 heartless

    That means that since a nobody had to have a strong heart it was either strong in light (like sora's) or darkness. And a doubt too many organization members had hearts of light, so they probably have strong heartless (roxas an exception).
  16. VenSoraRoxas?

    Organization 13 heartless

    All right. If Xehanort (Xemnas) had a nobody and a heartless, and Sora had a nobody and heartless (well he actually became the heartless), then what ever happened to the heartless of all the members of organazation 13's original selves? Does that mean there are super powerful heartless like...
  17. VenSoraRoxas?

    New Scan of Magazine Cover.

    I'm wondering how abilities are gonna be equiped in this game. Axel really is Roxas' best friend in this picture. He was evil in Re:com though.
  18. VenSoraRoxas?

    does the difficulty matter?

    You can still get the ending on standard but you have to complete the journal. I think you have to complete the journal on proud too. Critical mode = 3 proofs. Beginner= impossible.
  19. VenSoraRoxas?

    The Card System?

    Great game. But I'm sure the plot could of been adapted a little so that the cards didn't have to be used. The cards made the game harder.
  20. VenSoraRoxas?

    Dont u think tat..

    To be honest they are probably just extras. Sorry