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  1. DPtheKid

    Clothing line inspired by Kingdom Hearts

    I am not that my friend!
  2. DPtheKid

    Clothing line inspired by Kingdom Hearts

    Are you mad? Cuz I didn’t spend my time posting on a forum and lived my life in the real world. And because I wanted to jit. What kinda question is that? You give me madd hater vibes, just cuz I ain’t sitting on this forum doesn’t mean try to dim my light bro I love this series just as much as u...
  3. DPtheKid

    Clothing line inspired by Kingdom Hearts

    To commentate my love for kingdom hearts I have created a brand that I believe any Kingdom Hearts fan will love! I love fashion & kingdom hearts dearly and have nothing but respect for the arts. These are 2 things that have grown up with me and made me the person I am today. I hope someone here...
  4. DPtheKid

    How did you guys feel when....(SPOILERS)

    Xigbar announced he was half Xehanort? I swear my jaw dropped I paused the game for a minute! Everything made so much since!
  5. DPtheKid

    Potential DLC you can see

    None at all sadly :frown:
  6. DPtheKid

    Waiting for a 3DSXL to play KH3D?

    naw I just played on my regular 3DS but someday I may get a XL.
  7. DPtheKid

    MoM case

    Who here is rocking theirs? :cool:
  8. DPtheKid

    Secret portals?

    Could anyone tell me the locals of all the secret portals or a video? When can you access them because I would really like to and thanks!
  9. DPtheKid

    Proud mode tips?

    Any tips for proud mode? Thanks guys