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  1. Final Blade

    Question about drive forms

    Thinking back to KH2, were Sora's drive forms a mechanism to bring out his latent power? I mean, each form gave him an incredible boost in power, and the abilties he possessed in those forms were already displayed in some shape/form by already Master level Keyblade Wielders. I believe that Sora...
  2. Final Blade

    About a "mature" Sora

    Do you guys think we will see a time-skip? Maybe a year or two after the events of DDD where Sora and gang are training for the battle.
  3. Final Blade

    Question about Roxas.

    Since we learned that nobodies can grow hearts of there own, does that mean Roxas grew a full-fledged heart? I thought he was able to get his emotions from having Ven's heart inside him. So what's the actual case? And also, if Roxas and Xion become their own beings, won't Sora be without a...
  4. Final Blade

    So how will 13....

    Reassemble again? They all started fading away into their own times presumably, well except for MX, Braig, and Isa I presume, but did YMX, Xemnas, and Ansem SoD all go back to where they came from? How exactly will they reassemble for the upcoming battle? And wont they forget everything they...
  5. Final Blade

    Question about MX, Braig & Isa, and Traverse Town.

    So how is Master Xehanort back exactly? Is he back from the union between Ansem SoD and Xemnas when they were destroyed? And if so, where is Terra? And is that Braig and Isa returned as well. I'm more confused about if Xigbar is Xigbar or if he's now Braig. And about TT, if Riku was in...
  6. Final Blade

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    Re: RPGamer E3 Impressions (10-Minute Video) No problem Zephyr!!! I was surprised no one posted this already haha!
  7. Final Blade

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    RPGamer E3 Impressions (10-Minute Video) RPGamer - News Bulletin - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Impression - E3 2012
  8. Final Blade

    KH3D in Nintendo Power April 2012!

    When should we be expecting the issue to come out?
  9. Final Blade

    KH3D Famitsu Information + KH3D In 3/22 Issue!

    Re: KH3D Famitsu Information! I guess Lightning is in the game! http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0umohG64z1ql3cf7o1_500.png
  10. Final Blade

    Dream Drop Distance Debuts in Nintendo Power

    They have scans of the article at Kh13.com as well as kh2.co.uk.
  11. Final Blade

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread Hey guy's I'm Chidi and I was the one who messaged Jesse D. Corti on Twitter lol. I asked him again if others were done as well, still waiting for a reply though =/
  12. Final Blade

    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    iight man keep doin ya thing....and i must say if we get to a point in the game where Terra supposedly uses the power of darkness...its gonna make the experience a whole lot better than its already lookin...iight im out
  13. Final Blade

    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    terra's hairstyle and xehanort's hairstyle are very similar....and the fact that terra's eyes turned yellow (the color of xehanorts) further explains your theory...but arent MX's eyes yellow and so iz Ansem the wise's eyes...wuts this thing wit yellow eyes? =/
  14. Final Blade

    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    zuki can u explain how the kingdom hearts incident and terra grasping the power of darkness would turn him brown with gray hair?? im pretty confused bcuz there wuz anutha discussion that MX and Terra became one...and that could be a possibility bcuz the xehanort we all kno and hate has gray hair...
  15. Final Blade

    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    u've definetly done a good job....typin all that and no errors...impecable...ooh yea and r u gona get both birth by sleep and 358/2 days or jus one bcuz im gettin both
  16. Final Blade

    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    yo man i giv yo thread a thumbs up man it wuz well thought out and very interesting...ppl jus gettin uptight these days cuz no solid info iz out about the new games and many ppl keep posting the same topics over and over....i jus became a member but i've alwayz read the threads when i come to...