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    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    sweet *-*, i really REALLY want the artbook @_@ Yeah... but tomb raider is from Eidos also... i've never seen a final fantasy game with subtitles... that would be huge though... most of times the games here come with some huge translation issues, but it's really nice to know they remember...
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    News ► Pre-Order KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Now!

    does anyone know how does Amazon handle those pre-order bonuses? I kinda preordered this the day I saw the artbook announcement and I'm not really sure if it will come...i'm from Brazil... i don't even know if they'll bring it if i'm outside the US, but without it the game gets too expensive...
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    Actually, there are tutorials on google saying how to create an account in nicovideo...it's no use, by the way, the playthrough is still on part 28 =/~~ nothing that isn't on youtube yet xP
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    I think the compensation might be for Roxas...if Sora does find a way for axel,xion and roxas rest in peace ,that would be a nice compensation for what DiZ did to him and Xion...after all ,he never hurt Sora directly,so the only part of sora he has to compensate would be his nobody,after all he...