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    Sephiroth in BBS

    if only that would happen.
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    come to think of it. sephiroth might not be in the game. i don't know why but i have a feeling that he won't.
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    monster hunter freedom 2!

    i finally found the game i cannot beat. far out i've been on it for weeks now. i never mentioned this because i kept playing other games. anyone finished it 100% i need some help.i tried everything,
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    Confusion About Riku's Eyes?..

    nah seen it a few times actually.
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    i don't know about zack though.
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    nah he would only be on it if cloud is since cloud's always looking for him
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    xion=aqua, roxas=ven

    people might think that aqua and xion look the same but i don't
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    that was a mistake so i edited it. sorry.
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    eh i don't know anything now that i'm never on. stink wat hav i been missing out on.
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded Question??

    man it would be good on iphone
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    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    shi-on...i don't know actually???
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    Birth by sleep trailer

    mickey thought it was ansem so he wielded his keyblade. but it turned out to be riku. (just a guess.)
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    Xion Theory Sort Of (More of an Game Idea)

    i don't know about riku since he's not in the org..
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    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    at first i thought the gameplay was going to hav gay graphics.
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    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    man i need to get a DS right now.
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    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    nice,ah...does it come with subs.
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    Xion - An Unbirth Theory

    come on guy's we all that the organization is all nobodies.
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    Russel Peters?

    anyone heard of this guy, he's a comedian.man he's funny! i'm to lazy to make a link but just go on youtube and type in Russel Peters. i think the first one you should watch is the !xobile one. look at it. he see's this guy with his name spelled as !xobile. that's an exclamation mark guy's. man...
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    Xion Theory

    seen it and heard this quite a few times. i don't really think much about this.
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    anyone know where to find....

    hey guy's.anyone know where to find English voiced footage of the organization members not shown in kingdom hearts 2 i want to see it bad. anyone know if it's out or is it not shown?