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  1. Kouryuu

    Help/Support ► Anger issues...

    You could also try getting a punching bag and release your frustrations on it. You'll be taking your anger out on it but also building up your arms and burning calories, getting your heart pumping is healthy for it so you'll be doing yourself good in more ways than one. It involves violence but...
  2. Kouryuu

    Help/Support ► Anger issues...

    I'm on medication, works just f-fine for me. *Twitch*
  3. Kouryuu

    anyone else spoiled themselves?

    Yeah, I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and...oh wait, SPOILED. My bad. I did by reading an article, now one of the mysteries has been revealed to me before I even get a PSP to play the damn game. Fortunately it was only one thing, I'm completely unaware of everything else. I'm usually...
  4. Kouryuu

    Opinions on Namine?

    Her art skills are mediocre at best lol.
  5. Kouryuu

    Help/Support ► Holding On?

    Not to sound like an old fart but enjoy your youth while you have it. Make the most out of the time you have, because one day you'll look back and regret that you didn't. I know I do already and I only graduated four years ago. Try not to let the problems consume you, I did and ended up missing...
  6. Kouryuu

    why didn't sora and aqua run into eachother

    Maybe they didn't run into each other because it wasn't in the script.
  7. Kouryuu

    How can I see the secret ending in kh2?

    Give it a while, you'll change your mind, probably lol.
  8. Kouryuu

    How can I see the secret ending in kh2?

    Or you can do the less time consuming thing and look it up on the internet.
  9. Kouryuu

    is 358/2 days worth getting?

    Re: is 365/2 days worth getting? It answers a lot of questions and has a pretty good story. And you get to spend some time with your favorite Organization members. You can play them in missions too. I liked it well enough, it wasn't amazing but it didn't suck. But that's just how I felt, people...
  10. Kouryuu

    Tell A Dumb Blond Joke

    Just as the title says, tell a dumb blond joke. It can be a one liner or longer. Since it's my thread I'll get started. A blond woman gets pulled over for speeding, the cop who pulled her over is also a blond woman. She asks the driver for her license. The blond begins searching through her...
  11. Kouryuu

    Favorite KH2 World?

    Halloween Town, probably because I like The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  12. Kouryuu

    Opinion on Days changed drastically.

    I was done after the first time, I usually play games twice but I didn't feel like it this time. It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't enough to make me want to play a second time.
  13. Kouryuu

    What Team Are You On?

    What Twilight team are you on? I'm curious to see the results, it sounds like such a well loved movie but with a lot of places I go to on the internet it's bashed mercilessly. Me personally, I'd go with option D. How do you feel? Choose yours and leave an explanation if you want to or if you...