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    Cards or Classic?

    The fighting style in kh made most of that game what it is today which is a worldrenound classic.KH:com was good but of corse not as good as kh.KH:com card style was fun for a little bit.for the record if FF games had the same style fighting then they sell alot more.Personaly i don't like...
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    *offical*metal gear solid thread

    Well since no one else has made a MGS thread i thought then i will.Please talk about MGS stuff in here.my favrote is snake eater i love that game to death! I'm going to buy a psp in the end of march (when it come out) so i can get MGS A!CD.I don't know if any one will agree withme but i think...
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    Something interesting about Hollow Bastion's name

    Re: Something interesting about Hollow Bastion yeah it fits really well with the meaning and all so thought HB was the final leval when i played KH for the first time (starts laughing)
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    Maximum Strength

    100 is max stats it also depends on what itams u apply.
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    The Voice...

    well do you mean the guy in the brown cloak?i think it is ansem.
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    KH quiz:part one

    1.what color are sora's eyes's? A.brown B.blue C.red D.Green 2.did sora meet kari or riku first? A.kari B.riku 3.how many keyblades are there? A.17 B.20 C.16 D.15 4.how many levels (playable) are there? A.10 B.15 C.12 D.17 5.what is the stronist ability? A.Rangarok B.sonic blade C.strike...
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    Did you know Sora means sky in Japanese?

    Re: Did you know... ok well anybody that is a true KH fan should know something like that.
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    Mulan 2 & KH2

    yeah i know but thats kinda stupid they should base it on a totaly new story.
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    Mulan 2 & KH2

    so i heard about a week ago that theres a new mulan 2 movie coming out on DVD (not movie theaters),maybe they made the new one so more ppl would want to play kh2,or is the story of mulan 2 connected to KH2, well this is just some thery.pls post if you come up with something ohh maybe KH2 is...
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    ok this is what u do level up to max then (with oblivion)attack that evil a** just keep attack, make sure to roll alot and blocking helps keep curaga on your triangle buttion it works alot better there then on x,square,or circle.good luck