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    Search for the Strongest; round 1, RoA versus Zabazu

    I guess its me versus RoA for this first one, I assume I should choose an arena as well. I suppose it will have to be considered 'epic', or something.... Combatants; RoA as : Aureus Lancea Eledhwen Zabazu as: Keras So, the arena will have to be: The Edge: This place is lying on the end...
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    Time to go to work...

    I have not been very active lately, and I wanted to face someone in a 1v1, 2v2 if more are interested. The battle is power characters, and the arena will be told after someone shows some interest. Rules ------------ 1. Power characters, duh 2. normal KHI rules so no pping and G-modding ( Not...
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    HELP! ( laptop related problem.)

    I just got a new fan for the burned out fan in my old computer, I turned it up, and then boop, The SCREEN WENT OUT. I turn it on the computers on, and everything runs but the screen, I went into it, took everything apart by manual, then put it back according to manuel, then turn on the laptop...
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    Open Challenge: New character testing ( Getting out a few glitches)

    Thats right, Im finally making a manifest for myself. Be the first to face it and you getz a cookeh. Ok, official forums rules, no pping, no godmodding, and the sorts. If my character does something similar tell me so I can help modify it and make it better. Two judges will be needed...
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    Im calling out anyone and everyone that wants to fight. Whoever first posts they wish to battle will be the one to battle 1v1. If more decide to post itll be a team or a free for all. Arena: New York city, at night. It is heavily crowded, and the battle will start in time square. Rules...
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    Team battle continuation. Join whatever team you wish.

    We are continuing our little bout in this new thread. the arena is new, as is the battle, its like pressing reset. The arena is simple: Islands of the damned. - A series of ten islands, about a mile away from each other, and they all seem to form a demonic symbol. They all seem to have the...
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    Im bored... lets fight

    Well since no good rps have been made, and the one I attempted to make is kinda dead...without starting...I wanna duel someone, anyone. Basic forum rules, and such. The arena is a biodome in space, that reflects all of the element. The spacestation it is carried on is ddicated to the study...
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    Heroes Call

    High in the cliffs of northern hiferta... A man in a black cloak raged a war of magic against his brother, of equal power and strength. Magic flew, and shattered the mightiest of rock and mountains. Creatures burned and died. Soon nothing but a valley of death remained. The two mages died...
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    My laptop is busted

    I started to play WoW on my laptop, which has been playing WoW for at least a yer without no problems. The latop then shut down RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A INSTANCE. I reboot, go on. It shuts down again. It seems whenever I use a program for a period of time, it shuts down on me...What is happening...
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    Looking for a clan/guild

    I wanna join any guild, or clan...or whatever...Im not particularly picky, and Im not sure if TBP's clan is still together (I being part[or formerly ] of it) So just post in this thread askin me to join if you want...... Any clan/guild/whatevertehfcukitscalled. Also sorry if this is in the...
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    Open Challenge.

    I am feeling a bit rusty, as I have not rped, or battle in at least a month, so whoever wants to face me. The rules will be normal challenge rules, this being a power battle. I hope this will help me get back into the tune of things. The setting: Several plateus, with the area between them a...
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    Ambrosia interclan Tourney SIGNUP

    We have decided to start a tournament between the clans of KHI; or rather the members in those clans. We will have a basic 1vs1, bracket tournament. Each first, and second battle will be set up based on skill level; or who we percieve would be equal to you. The prize, will be bragging rights for...
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    Time of Sorrow

    In the beautiful land of Hiferta, a horrid curse has been put on the land. A curse created by dark magics that mutates, and deforms beings that come in contact with it for over 26 hours. They change, and have a urging for flesh, and blood. They become zombies. Now the world of hiferta, which...
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    Blah vs Zab (REMATCHHHHHHHA)

    Blahmaster vs. Zabazu, who will come out as victor? FIGHT!!!! Place of battle: A pure white room, with a high ceiling, and wide walls(4), about the size of a warehouse. On each wall is one Door, and each connects to a similarly size room with the exact same amount of doors, each room contains...
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    Sora in Twilight Town

    I always wondered why the kids from Twilight town (hayner, pence, something with a o)knew sora when Roxas only knew them in a virtual world, and they couldn't of possibly have known Roxas. :/
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    [The Lounge] Fanclub

    This is a club, for all that worships the mighty lounge can gather.....We ask it's guidance always, and sacrifice n00bs to it.... We; are the worshipers of the lounge, and all of its magicks and powers. We must worship it...We all love [The Lounge] (thespis not included...he thinks module PWNS...
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    "A new day peeks beyond the horizon."

    "The full moon announces his return.The father is seldom like the son.He is the deciever, betrayer, and seducer. He will take back what is rightfully his...even god has a expiration date.Like a cleansing flames of time will purge the forums of the weak and true" The next full moon marks his return.
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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    It was better than #2 and #3 and It certainly was good...muffin LMBO... XD
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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    I laughed when Hok came in and taught the important life lesson and meaning of secks and salsa....kairi_angel hurry(or don't) with editing the next chapter >< I wanna read it!
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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    ROFL period 2 was the best...good job, cant wait for the next chapter, hope its just as funny.