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  1. Marluxia Revenge

    Haven't been active in YEARS

    Apparently I logged in sometime in 2010 but I haven't been active since 2006!! Once I saw that E3 KHIII preview I instantly thought about this community. Had to come back, great to BE back.
  2. Marluxia Revenge


  3. Marluxia Revenge

    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    if you don't know how to beat him, don't fight him. sfkjsdflkjsdf advice GET
  4. Marluxia Revenge


    I never die, fool. =O xD just kidding.
  5. Marluxia Revenge

    Roxas + Riku fight may be playable (Or will it?...Xaldin PWNS)

    Re: Roxas + Riku fight may be playable yeah. That does look fake, once you zoom into it or something. That render of the org. XIII hood looks like concept art far away, but if you look closely it's clearly a render. plus, if You DID fight Riku..why would Roxas have that little health? I guess...
  6. Marluxia Revenge

    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    Welcome to KHI ^-^ Um, nah, it didn't give me goosebumps. It pumped me up. Although you really couldn't hear it, it was a nice tune to fight with.
  7. Marluxia Revenge

    Hey I just noticed something.Might not be important but....

    Marluxia ftw! xD It was Marluxia. In KH2, his render was TALL..like in CoM. Plus, he was describing what'll happen in the Castle.
  8. Marluxia Revenge

    sora or riku?

    I didn't finish Sora's or Riku's! i went for the majority. =D
  9. Marluxia Revenge

    Curseing KH2

    lek that wud b3 s0 col! donald can be like cursing at goofy lolololzzz instead on callin him a palooka! >_>
  10. Marluxia Revenge

    Compendium of Sephiroth Phrases

    "Are you scared?" He says that in KH2 when you run around from him in the battle.
  11. Marluxia Revenge

    who's YOUR hardest boss

    Well, Xaldin took me 3 times. with mickey, so yah. that was a typical xaldin fight. then xigbar..ew. I beat him in 7 tries. i forgot to equip reflect so i died on his machine gun rampage. then i was like "Hey, i have limits" boom, killed him.. Saix was VERY easy. Axel was pretty hard. xD j/k
  12. Marluxia Revenge

    Create-a-KH2 toyline

    Yeah, you could have an action figure of xigbar that says "You really shouldn't have betrayed us" And then when you're sleeping you put him under someone's pillow and he repeats"Auto-Reload(or whatev. he says) and ROXAS!" over and over.
  13. Marluxia Revenge

    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    nice one! all i heard was you mashing the X button, xD Our locations are the same!
  14. Marluxia Revenge

    2 identical keyblades?!

    It's probably a glitch. But still, Sora's keyblades are real and Roxas's are fake.
  15. Marluxia Revenge

    I hate you Xenmas!!! I HATE YOU!

    I'm level 42 on beginner and beat him easily(...hmm i wonder why :]) Yeah at first with the million of beams I thought riku was triangle, i was right and i though sora was O, so i kept getting hit. then i figured it out and owned him.
  16. Marluxia Revenge

    Xigbar. rawr. >_<;

    Did anyone else find him hard? He annoyed me with his constant shooting and evaporating then his "Stampede rush of bullets" but then i pressed donalds limit command, duck flare and i beat him, rofl.
  17. Marluxia Revenge

    Anti Form

    I obtained, well, got Anti Form with the first fight with shan-yu. lol, i picked valor and it went POOF! dark and scary.
  18. Marluxia Revenge

    I need a hug....

    sowwy kiento. i just got a letter from wal mart saying they're having trouble getting KH2. so that means delay in shipping. gah. my friend has a slim one. it's mega cool. but it over heats. xD
  19. Marluxia Revenge

    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    gahhh, i have to go to bed in a little while..ah well. ZOMG i saw the commercial. i had a burst of excitement. cuz it was in HQ. xD