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  1. Ronzer

    Level 1

    Thanks for the link man xD!
  2. Ronzer

    Level 1

    How do I get Second Chance, Once More, warp and ignite?
  3. Ronzer

    Level 1

    So... Has anybody attempted to complete the game on critical mode, at level 1? I am going to attempt it, just started Terra's story. If you have, could you give me some tips maybe?
  4. Ronzer

    Famitsu - Armoured guy

    And you believe these people? They are probably just trolling, nobody knows if it is in the Mirage Arena, and I doubt it is as in the Final Mix video it shows Terra talking to him... So think again before you believe people.
  5. Ronzer

    Famitsu - Armoured guy

    Like the man in black coat, a person's journey into the land of armor appeared, we stand before the luncheon. Blade helmet and coat of arms was held in her hand, but a teacher that reminds people of the three? This is just a rough translation of what the Famitsu article said, but I still don't...
  6. Ronzer

    What about Master Eraqus

    You really need to get your facts right before posting lies that people will believe. It is still unknown as to who the MF is, but the AG (Armoured Guy) is most likely to be Eraqus, because he has the same stance and has the same 'chain' attack thingy, as you can see in the video, and when ME...
  7. Ronzer

    Stupid Question

    Don't flame... But... How the hell do you unlock abilities? >:C!!
  8. Ronzer

    BBS:FM new Armored Knight theory?

    I don't plan on getting this game anyway, the original was already full of extras, the only thing extra in this is new abilities/commads/magic etc., monstro on mirage arena (which probably means monstro world), more secret reports, a new secret ending and the battle with the armoured guy (ME)...
  9. Ronzer

    I just remembered something!

    The video with the armoured dude in it, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Trailer! - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania
  10. Ronzer

    End of Terra?

    And, this brings me to my theory! Xehanort split his heart, and put bits into all Org members, then when they died all the little bits of his heart merged back together to form Xehanort, but with all the Org members powers. And the Mysterious Figure, supposedly the next big enemy for KH, is...
  11. Ronzer

    Terra's Best Equipment

    How do you get the skill Vanish?
  12. Ronzer

    Terra's Best Equipment

    And, where do I get hp boosts?
  13. Ronzer

    Terra's Best Equipment

    And, what about HP? I find myself getting killed instantly by him.
  14. Ronzer

    Terra's Best Equipment

    Yeah, this is for Vanitas Sentiment and for Mysterious figure.
  15. Ronzer

    Terra's Best Equipment

    --> READ TITLE <-- Set it out like this please: Battle Commands 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Action Commands 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Shotlock Command 1) If there are some that need to be made or bought, then it would be really helpful if you could state what is needed to make them.
  16. Ronzer

    The Unknown

    Bump!! Bump!! Bump!! Bump!!
  17. Ronzer

    Ienzo's aging

    Well, I think you are wrong. You can clearly see that Braig has a younger face than Xigbars. But, whatever.
  18. Ronzer

    Probably wrong but its a possibility?

    I know this isn't of any importance, but you are 18, please learn to spell. Your theory is okay, it is possible that Xehanort told her so his heartless would have an easier time making KH. Well done ;).
  19. Ronzer

    WHY is Xemnas looking for Ven?

    My theory, is that when Xemnas was talking to Aquas armour, Aquas armour talked back... That is why the other Org members heard someone speaking to Xemnas, this could possibly be Aqua. Now, Aqua must have thought that she was talking to Terra, as Xemnas is partly Terra, so she may have told him...
  20. Ronzer

    Ienzo's aging

    Really, take a look a the pictures then try and say that again.