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    Help/Support ► Bitch or friend?

    You may wanna give her a chance to cool off so she can really tell you the problem. You shouldn't just turn on them like that just because they're angry about something.
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    Yeah, I doubt it too. This doesn't work with other games. Why start now?
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    For some reason, I find Morgan Freeman doing that voice to be funny.
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    358/2 Days Cheats

    I only use cheats after I beat the game, and just to screw around. Like make myself super-powerful or something.
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    Favourite Lines in 358/2?

    "No matter where where you run, I'll always be there to bring you back!" - Axel (very loosely paraphrased. I forgot what he said exactly)
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    Best new thing in KH2

    Of those characters, my favourite would be Axel.
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    Jesse McCartney returning for Birth By Sleep

    It'd be stupid if he played anyone other than Ven.
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    Best Day Ever!!

    - Day 353, the one with the six boss fights. So much fun! - The day Saix informed the Organization what someone got terminated, and Roxas was worried it was Axel (I forgot which one it was)
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    I used to get killed up to three times. I got killed as Sora... came back as Mickey... got killed... came back as Sora... and got killed ><. Now, I'll only get killed once if I even get careless. I try not to use saves anymore. And it can get annoying.
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    Input needed

    Yeah, nothing really happens in the first 100 days. But if you like a touching story, you'll like it.
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    proud mode

    Days describes Xemnas' weapons as Ethereal Blades, or something like that.
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    Favourite KH Theme?

    Don't know if there's a thread like this. Anyway.... Which KH theme did you like better?
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    Hardest/Easiest Boss Fight In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    HARDEST: Ruler of the Sky (I hate him so much!) EASIEST: Can't think of an extremely easy fight ATM.
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    worst place for a member of orgnization XIII to fight in

    Make Sai'x work the night shift in any store.
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    proud mode

    I didn't think it was easier, but it still wasn't that tough. I played through the game under PMLLKK (Proud Mode/Low Level/Kingdom Key), which gave me a real challenge.
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    Larxene and others

    I was shocked that Mickey was there for only one scene. As for the CO squad, I didn't miss them (aside from Marluxia).
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    Help/Support ► I don't know what to do

    Simply get your money back. If he says no, kick his ass.
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    Biggest world in KH2

    If you're talking in terms of things to do, I'll say Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden & Olympus. There was a lot of mandatory mission in HB, but Olympus had a good number of arena fights to do.
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    How to make Days better(Part 1)

    Well, he felt betrayed by Axel for taking so long to tell him the truth about Xion. I'd be pretty mad too.
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    how old do you think everyone in O13 is?

    O_O Xigbar, 48 years old? I know he looks old, but I always thought he was just rugged. ><.