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  1. luna1017

    You may have heard this berfore...but does anyone know how to be Ice Cream Beat?

    Timing, you have to press it last minute. It also helps to play again and again until you memorize how it goes.
  2. luna1017

    Dream Eaters vs. Command Melding

    Both? :D I like that you have to unlock commands from the Dream Eater's ability link because it gives me a good excuse to pet them and play with them(I like that they're unbelievably cute). Also, it makes obtaining abilities much more challenging and you end up spending more time playing. Thing...
  3. luna1017

    About the stuff Dream Eaters eat...

    O.O That's scary...poor Nightmares... Okay, that's sort of good to know. It's a better thought than a friendly, happy-go-lucky Spirit tearing a Nightmare's limbs apart and happily feeding on it's inners @_@
  4. luna1017

    About the stuff Dream Eaters eat...

    Since Spirits eat nightmares, are the stuff you feed them during the game made up of nightmares? And since those foods raise their strength and defense and stuff, then does that mean different nightmares are nutritious? And earlier, I saw this fan art that got me thinking: since Spirits feed...
  5. luna1017

    Having only Theater mode for KH358/2 in KH1.5 is a good idea?

    I'm actually really glad Days will just be cutscenes. I really didn't like the original game's gameplay, and even if they change it, I don't love Days so much that I'd actually re-play it. I wouldn't go through all those annoying bosses(LEECHGRAVE;EMERALD SERENADE) and those repetitive missions...
  6. luna1017

    What would be your Fate?

    Getting possessed by an evil geezer who'll wreak havoc on the world and pin part of the blame on you, spending your time alone in the RoD battling Heartless over and over again, in a coma waiting for someone to wake you up....they all sound pretty bad to me. I think I'll pick Ven's fate...
  7. luna1017

    Unlocking KH3D's Secret Ending and Secret Message!

    Thanks for posting this :D I should have read this earlier though, so I wouldn't have had to go through the trouble of beating Julius to get Ultima Weapon to make getting 2 more trophies from the 8 that I originally had easier -_- I'm a little confused about what I should do now, though. I beat...
  8. luna1017

    Spirit disposition

    That helped a lot :D So I change it to Spinner, exit, go back then change it to Bruiser. So in other words, I have to negatively poke my Me Me Bunny. Good thing this isn't Meowjesty, or my heart would break D: Thanks! :D
  9. luna1017

    Spirit disposition

    Thanks but I don't get where to pet them to get to a certain disposition. I mean, I know that since my Me Me Bunny's disposition is Hopper, I have to pet its face to get to Spinner but how about to Bruiser? Do I have to follow the arrows in the sense that I have to change its disposition to...
  10. luna1017

    Spirit disposition

    I'm trying to get Me Me Bunny's disposition to change to Bruiser so I can get HP Boost on my ability link. Disposition's currently Hopper, and I don't understand the FAQ on GameFAQS. Help. D:
  11. luna1017

    Some questions on trophy-getting

    Thanks. Um, I have a new question on the stat-boosting abilities. Does that mean by any chance, that I have to get all the Spirits? Cus like, if you can get a total of 5 HP boosts, they're divided amongst 5 Spirits.
  12. luna1017

    Some questions on trophy-getting

    I'm currently trying to unlock 10 trophies to get the Secret Ending. I already got 8 of them(finishing the story, 2000 Drop points, first place in every Flick Rush cup, killing 2500 Dream Eater, collecting 5000 munny, saving 20 photos, linking with Spirits 50 times amd defeating 50 enemies with...
  13. luna1017

    Ok so Big Daddy Xemnas said...

    Thanks! I think I get it more, now. So wait, they grow new hearts just like kids grow personalities, right? Like, Xemnas and Xigbar were trying to shape their hearts into Xehanort as parents try to shape their kids personalities into responsible people?
  14. luna1017

    The character most likely to die

    This is just a little something my classmate and I talked about awhile ago that got me wondering this. I doubt that KHIII will have a completely sugar coated ending. Someone's bound to die. If they don't die because it's a KH game, then they'll most likely get locked or trapped somewhere forever...
  15. luna1017

    Ok so Big Daddy Xemnas said...

    Does anyone here have any idea exactly how Nobodies "grow back" hearts? Do they literally grow a heart or are they just able to feel after a while?
  16. luna1017

    Before KH3D.

    I saw a blonde Ienzo in a lot of fanfics and fanart before BBS came out. For some reason, some thought he was blonde. If I remember correctly, people in those threads guessed that Axel's name could be "Ale" 'cus he's based off Reno and ale is according to them, Reno's favorite drink.
  17. luna1017

    Help/Support ► I need help from those of you who use a Genius i405

    I was wondering how the size of the tablet's 4x5.5 inch screen affects the drawings on your computer. If I draw a line across the whole tablet screen, will it cover the whole computer screen or just an area the size of the 4x5.5 inch tablet screen? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance...
  18. luna1017

    Before KH3D.

    I remember theories that Xion was Aqua's Nobody, yellow eyes symbolizing "falling into darkness" just like the Heartless and I remember the days back when we really thought Nobodies didn't have hearts. Oh, and for some reason, some thought Ienzo was blonde. I also remember Axel's original name...
  19. luna1017

    First Time Playing BbS

    If you're on Standard Mode and planning on unlocking the secret ending, then I advise that you try to get as many chests as possible in each world. Don't breeze through those worlds like I did 'cus you'll have to go back to all those worlds and get all those chests. For the Command Board, I...
  20. luna1017

    Dream Eaters that look fammilar...

    Is it just me or did Ghostabocky(and while we're at it, Jestabocky) seem based-off a Boo from the Mario Games and Sir Kyroo off Frog from Chrono Trigger? Yeah, I noticed how a Ghosta/Jestabocky was a ghost that sticks its tongue out and Sir Kyroo was a knightly frog(and Lord Kyroo even talks in...