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  1. J

    I love NY

    I love NY come on tonight,actually im looking at it now. Everybody know New York from flavor of love. But this time its her time to pick somebody.
  2. J

    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    I Doubt he's gonna kill you. But don't be a snitch either. What i woul do is get my peoples and do whatever. But your only 13 and don't seem to know to many people like that. So i would think you are screwed. Try not to let him know if you scared is my advice.
  3. J

    Help/Support ► Job? job!

    If your in college you should talk to guiden counselor. And maybe s/he could help you get a job at the school.
  4. J

    Adam y Morgan Vs Olivia and Kevin

    On G4TV if Adam and Morgan had to face off against Olivia and Kevin who do think would win.(I must be bored to ask this) I think that Morgan would easily beat and Olivia since she seems more of the tomboyish type at times, and of course Adam would beat Kevin because Adam Rocks at everything.
  5. J

    KH2 - time for you to complete

    It took my sisther 2days and me about five since she kept hogging it.
  6. J

    What are good games for the 360

    Finally i'm getting a Xbox360 for my birthday and i could get 2 games for it. I already decided to get "Saint's Row" but i don't know what else is other good games out there. So basicly i was wondering to those who have 360's what games are good to get?
  7. J

    Super heros

    It's simple just post who your favorite super hero is. Mine would probably be Cat women ( i guess you could call her a super hero).
  8. J

    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    I like Sora for some reason, i dont know why but i just do.
  9. J

    Official "I beat KH2" thread

    I beated KH2 on easy and standerd mode,yay
  10. J


    This is a riddle that only smart people can figure out. A says B lies; B says C lies; C says A and B lies. Who is telling the truth? Who is lying?
  11. J

    What do you think about the ending in KH2?

    I think that something bad hapened so they have to stop the heartless again.
  12. J

    best and Worst team partners and summons in KH1 AND 2

    Chicken Little sticks as a summoning and i dont have a best
  13. J

    this is stupid, read at own risk

    I know this is gonna be stupid but i heard two people argueing about this(yes they are stupid people) anyways this is it, Is "what" a question or a statement.
  14. J

    axels original name

    ale sounds best to me
  15. J

    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    I dislike how short it is, when they thought goofy had died and that you can only fight with riku at end fight and it's only for a little bit of time.
  16. J

    End of the Journey...( for those who beat the game)

    Secret ending? how you get it.
  17. J

    I'm new

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. Ummm... i'm 16 i just finished kingdom hearts 2 yesterday night. And i guess that's it. I know i suck at introducing my self, but hi.