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    Kingdom Hearts (question)

    I did the prelims, left cerberus alone because I couldnt beat him, went through the game, chip and dale didnt tell me I had unlocked new cups, before hollow bastion I went back, killed cerberus, and all the cups were there waiting for me to dominate them.
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    Lea, Isa, Leon and Co and Radiant Garden

    If you watch the intro for Days, then you will notice only members 1 through 6 were founding members. Saix and Axel were numbered 7 and 8 respectively. Furthermore, Lea and Isa showed no connection to Ansem the Wise and his apprentices,furthermore Isa and Lea unlike the others were not involved...
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    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    Likes: 1: music 2: good plotline (eventually) 3: gameplay is almost identical to the ps2 games 4: it's on a portable console. dislikes: 1: story takes ages to pick up. 2: panel system is annoying early in the game where you have no extra slots 3: it's not always clear whether Xion has her hood...