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    Hollow Bastion in KH2?

    You know what... lol i thought it was the castle without all the ice and they were buildin it back up. ice meaning the blue cliffs lol:embarassed:
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    Terra and Maleficent

    because they were collected after BBS, where sora was a keyblade master
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    Terra and Maleficent

    Yes Quite So.. But If It Was In That Time That He Collected The PoH's, He Would Of Only Collected The Four Wich Would Be Belle, Cinderella, Auroa And Snow White The Other Princesses Of Heart Like Kairi Alice And Jasmine, They Were Collected During The Time Of Sora.... And That Was In 10 Years...
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    [ ! ] New Famitsu Magzine Scans [ ! ]

    Hey Just To Let You Know This Might Be Old If It Is Sorry.. http://kh-3.net/images/media/news/kh_birth_by_sleep/viploader547318gi7.jpg Focus Gauge: As you see in the BBS scan, the gauge looks a lot like the Kingdom Hearts 2 Drive gauge, well, as for the new game, the gauge represents a...
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    the theory to end all theories (i guess?...)

    You Know what it is lol we have theroys and they are all really cool but it neva becomes as we expect lol well we will just have to w8 till the mind of noumra speak!
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    the theory to end all theories (i guess?...)

    This is a really fab theory i have just came back after a really long break and this is the first i have seen and its good and if anyoe else has any please post them d(o_o)b Galoop :D
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    Galoop's KH3 Reading... PLEASE READ!

    Hey, Listen Up! I have here just a few therories you may want to think about! 1.What happened to Maleificent andPete? Well I think that once they have defeated the Heartless, they have take control over the castle, and thats what the letter at the end is about. 2.In Deep Dive...
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    I finally have a theory!!

    You know since the "Blue Haired Girl" (who has been rumoured to be called "Aqua") had Mickey's keyblade and Mickey had the "Starkeeper", maybe Yensid gave that to Mickey as he did to Sora in the sequal, then "Aqua" maybe defeated and Mickey got that keyblade off "Aqua" I dont know like i say...
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    Death to Zexion

    erm maybe you dont get to see his weapon maybe he uses magic??
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    Dont You Think?....

    Right This Maybe A Spoiler For Upcoming KH3,4,5,6 so on I think that in Kingdom Hearts 2 when Ansem was goin to sucking up kingdom hearts when Xemnas said "here you all are" I think some one should say no were not and all there disney mates should pop out like Aladdin Herculeas Simba...
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    it has got to be the ultima lyk
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    you go there xal mate keep it up
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    Name of KH2 Secret Ending?

    aint it it all started by birth by sleep?
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    *Spoiler*Here is the anwser to KH2 secret ending confusion!

    truchaos shut the &*%$ up its a very good theroy nd thank you for posting it i have yet wonderd when the next kingdom hearts is going to be like the storyline maybe xahernort is set out to kill riku kairi nd sora
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    all tha twilight ppl cept from tha gang but all of thm were so lyk normal nd i hate twilight town so broing
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    drive question

    does anyone else rekon wisdom form is crap
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    Drive glitch/exploit?

    i was in the beasts castle and i was in anti-form
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    full introduction

    wtf are u mad
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    yeh the people in PotC
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    Sanctuary link

    nah soz mate