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    Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    Cool another boss that's even harder than sephiroth to get killed by countless times. I can't wait!:thumbsup:
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    Limit Form: just a thought

    Maybe you lose Kh2 moves and gain some kh moves. Like when setting up your abilities, you pick which moves you would give up and pick what you would want to replace it with. Just an idea.
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    Are Sora and Kairi offically a couple?

    Just because a girl hugs you doesn't mean you're going out. They need to do more than that to be considered a couple.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 for best PS2 game of '06

    If anyone cares or if this hasn't been posted, (too lazy to check) Kingdom Hearts 2 is nominated for best PS2 game of '06 on Gamefaqs. It's currently in second place behind FFXII. So, go KHII! It ends at 12:00 EST and 9:00 on the pacific. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ Sorry if this was posted.
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    I Found This On Google (has Spoilers)

    This is good for people who haven't played COM or don't have the money or system to play it (I not included.) But there are better sources than this.
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    does anyone here have kh fm?

    I dont have it but Ive know that it was english with Japenese subtitles and congratulations
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    sanctuary backwards

    I think a lot of people did know.
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    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    No actually a "Can the king be summon" thread was made yesterday.
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    Have u ever bougth somehting KH2 related besides the game???

    Im broke and too lazy to get a job! Go me!:thumbsup:
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    is my game screwed up?

    Yeah, beat Hayner and then the next guy ten times to get to Seifer.
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    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    You do have a point, but i wouldn't say sora is always like that.
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    riku 4th battle

    If u mean COM, then just break with 0 cards. If this is for KH1, then wrong section.
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    which time? first or second?
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    organization members and their nobodies

    wasn't Zexion Darkside in riku's story in COM. if not then maybe ur right
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    KH2 Favorite character

    1)roxas 2)riku theyre awesome
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    i've got a question...

    Arent there a lot of threds on this already? Just askin.
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    About Riku's keyblade, i heard he got it when he fought Roxas. Roxas threw Riku his Oblivion and beat Roxas so he got to keep it. Then he added his own keychain to it like Sora does.
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    hey i bored so

    org. XII but i remeber that the magus sisters were aeons. im not sure
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    axel (may contain spoilers)

    (sniff, sniff) Axel was a great America hero.
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    This doesn't make any sense at all.

    The wooden sword was just bad and Sora was weak back then