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  1. makine

    Famitsu Interviews Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS 3, HD 2.8 FCP, Unchained X

    So, some things to note: We get Unchained and [chi] as separate games confirmed again. The story of χ is more than just the Foretellers. Black Coat is the Master of the Foretellers which means we still don't know who apprentice six is. New worlds means we might get away from the princesses of...
  2. makine

    Global LUX Rankings 5/2-5/8

    [chi] goes to Unicornis Unchained JP goes to Unicornis Unchained NA goes to Vulpes Global Rankings Unicornis - 97,594,357,337 Vulpes - 66,142,646,691 Leopardos - 38,349,472,910 Anguis - 37,930,010,085 Ursus - 17,968,635,785 Congrats to the week's victors.
  3. makine

    Where are all the Kingdom Hearts fan games?

    It just strikes me as odd that there's not really a fan game community around this franchise. So far all I've seen has been some sprites and this ambitious attempt. https://vimeo.com/135815433 https://vimeo.com/149839153 And it's not like the narrative is so tight that you can't make a game...
  4. makine

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Sofia the First is not confirmed for KH3 But why wouldn't you want the mini game to be Sora finding issues of Marvel comics and going inside them a la page's of Pooh's book?
  5. makine

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Sofia the First is not confirmed for KH3 Why would you want Sofia the First when Elena of Avalor exists? Really though, Frozen, Zootopia, Moana, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel.
  6. makine

    KH3 Multiplayer Concept

    How would you feel about KH3's multiplayer being a Monster Hunter/PSO HD version of χ? Maybe reusing assets from Back Cover. specifically: Four player co-op Mission structure Multiple costumes Custom created character Keyblade evolutions. Set it in the past and use the plot line of KHχ...
  7. makine

    Global LUX Rankings 4/25-5/1

    [chi] goes to Unicornis JP Unchained goes to Unicornis NA Unchained goes to Vulpeus Vulpeus - 13,756,585,507 Unicornis - 11,003,405,254 Anguis - 5,869,060,459 Leopardos - 5,304,953,149 Bears - 2,980,252,159
  8. makine

    Global Ranking 4/18-4/24

    Combined Rankings: Unicornis: 35,705,846,761 Vulpeus: 31,418,631,496 Leopardos: 14,331,379,155 Anguis: 12,192,201,042 Bears: 7,309,174,937 Congrats to the week's victors.
  9. makine

    Am I incredibly late to the English Version party?

    Or did no one else know about the guy who's doing an English server for [chi]? Chi(nglish)
  10. makine

    The Traitor

    So, the big mystery in KHX/UX is who among the foretellers is the traitor. I'm thinking that there's a reasonable probability that it's Invi. As of now, we know a bit of what it leads to: Aced trying to kill her on the roofs of Daybreak Town. I think the snake is the traitor, guys.
  11. makine

    Now that we have UX, how do you feel about multiplayer Kingdom Hearts?

    To be more specific, imagine the game is set up like a cross between Monster Hunter and Unchained: mission based structure but with a co-op component to it. You still have custom characters, avatar boards with nodes, lux, etc. The combat shifts to more like BBS or 3D. You still pick up abilities...
  12. makine

    There's a Unchained wiki

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki They are associated with KH13.com, but as with any wiki anyone can edit.
  13. makine

    Coliseum Wishlist.

    Who do you want to fight? List name and origin and (if you have one) reason/explanation. I'm going to put my wish list for coliseum cups. Galactic Cup (all from Star Wars) Round 1: Stormtroopers Round 2: Boba Fett Round 3: General Grievous Round 4: Darth Maul Round 5: Kylo Ren Final Round...
  14. makine

    KH: Dream Drop Distance HD epilogue concept

    In the vein of Birth by Sleep Final Mix, we get an addition onto Dream Drop Distance HD: Kairi mode where she finishes the test that Sora and Riku would have done without Xehanort's interference and awakens the last Sleeping World. I don't count Destiny Islands as an actual world. You don't...
  15. makine

    A few thoughts on trios

    As you've probably noticed, Kingdom Hearts features a number of trios. Trio 1: Sora - Riku - Kairi Trio 2: Roxas - Axel - Xion Trio 3: Terra - Aqua - Ventus Trio 4: Mickey - Donald - Goofy And we can extend that with overlapped trios. Trio 5: Sora - Donald - Goofy Trio 6: Sora - Namine -...
  16. makine

    Anime/Manga ► Studio Ghibli TV Shows

    There have been persistent rumors and speculation that Disney might buy Studio Ghibli and if they did how they would use the studio. I think that instead of Spirited Away 2 and Return of Princess Mononoke, they would rather want to explore the world's that Ghibli has crafted. But I don't want to...
  17. makine

    Disney film story sequel potential in KH

    So we know that the Big Hero 6 world is a follow up to the plot of the movie. What other Disney movie worlds could be done as sequels to their respective films? ----- Two come to mind immediately. Zootopia - The movie is actually a mystery story and doesn't end in a way to preclude sequels...
  18. makine

    Skuld is the best dressed character in Kingdom Hearts.

    I will fight you over this.
  19. makine

    I'm pretty hyped on the graphics to be honest.

    All I wanted was for it to match the CGI in the PS2 games and that's what I got. Lots better than the teaser:
  20. makine

    Let's get Kingdom Hearts on Kindle.

    As I'm sure many of you are aware, Yen Press has been licensing and releasing the Kingdom Hearts books and manga in English over the past few years. Amazon has a program where you can request a novel not available on Kindle to get a Kindle release. So, let's get the KH series on there. Best...