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    RE:COM 100%

    Re: COM 100% I hate that game so damn much.....So no
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    The Best Character in the Game

    true enough!!!! i think we destroyed this thread though..0_o
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    The Best Character in the Game

    no clue......................
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    Do you like the card system

    I disliked it..alot!!!! hope that Re:com is coming to states though, then i might change my mind...
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    The Best Character in the Game

    Pish posh apple sauce. Don't trip potato chip!!!!
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    The Best Character in the Game

    Definitely Xemnas. he pwns
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    pure pwnage

    All shall bow before....
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    Most Annoying Boss

    Marluxia...card battles sucked.
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    Mr. T VS. Chuck Norris

    who would win? please decide.
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    forum blues

    i havent been here long, but i feel as if a family like atmosphere is missing. Moderators seem to be rude to a couple of my friends, and i dont feel connected to the community in any way. just saying... dont get me wrong, i like being here...its just that it seems like a cold hard robot more...
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    Listen, every one is saying you need to be higher than lvl. 70. the truth is you dont. all you need is all your forms maxed. when he goes up in the air and is about to get you down to one hp, you can jump up to him and hit him, which cancels it out. practice, and you will be fine. I beat...
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    luxord Cloud's nobody!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I agree with those who say no. It would seem you added a step in the name change: replacing the c with an r. Besides, I dont think the story is going to have heartless or nobodies of unoriginal characters(disney,Final Fantasy). They probably can only do that to people like sora, kairi, and other...
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    yeah im new here, not new to the concept of forums though..
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    If words could kill...

    If you were able to kill anyone in the world, who would it be and how would you do it?
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    Opinion on Demyx

    Demyx brang nothing to the table.....
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    Question about the secret ending of KH2

    That is a no brainer, Axel.