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  1. Novastar56

    KH BBSFM trailer

    and once again square enix comes out with something special for everyone outside of japan and then goes back and releases a more bad ass version. WHHYYYYYY!!?!?!? That really feels like a slap to the face. Let everyone enjoy the nicer version. lol
  2. Novastar56

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    Well I WAS gonna enter this birth by sleep contest as well this week but now I cant cuz of COLLEGE. Why are all the good contests ending this week? lol
  3. Novastar56

    The Making of BBS - Animation

    Depends on where you look and who you talk to. I still see game reviews from magazines and forums complaining about how there are too many side games.
  4. Novastar56

    The Making of BBS - Animation

    Awesome. I like learning behind the scenes for animation. :D
  5. Novastar56

    Official Playstation Magazine gives overview of BBS and of Terra Gameplay (scan)

    This is pretty cool, this only makes me want the game even more now. I'm sure people are sick of more games, but with each high grossing game, the gameplay for the next epic gets even better. I hope the best gameplay will start when Sora sets off on another journey after re:coded and 3DS comes out.
  6. Novastar56

    New Scans

    Sweet, this port should do pretty well since more people will be able to buy it now. I've also noticed that the KH1 Sora 3d model was revamped a little and looks closer to the KH 2 model. Looks better in my opinion.
  7. Novastar56

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    WOOOT I actually made honorable mention in a contest! lol That's an achievement for me. Congratulations to everyone who participated. :D At first I wan't even gonna enter this, but I decided to do this for fun...ironically it was the LAST DAY for me to do it when I decided. RUUUUSH. lol
  8. Novastar56

    BbS Sells 446k In First Week

    Re: BbS Sells Over 500k in Two Days This is a little surpriseing but at the same time I shouldn't be too surprised. lol awesome. Maybe now they will attempt a little harder to release it in other countries. :D
  9. Novastar56

    Gamestop Bonuses

    The post cards and poster would probably be wrapped on the outside of the cover of the preorder copy just like other games. But that's if it is packaged like them.
  10. Novastar56

    Your lowest level

    Well first of all, to answer about the leveling up, there are people who like to be perfectionists to the game so they want to complete EVERYTHING. Another reason is because they want to ensure a solid defeat against Sephy (Even though I beat him at lv.72) and possibly move on to something else...
  11. Novastar56

    Your lowest level

    HEY, whaddya know, so was I! :D
  12. Novastar56

    Ansem / Xehanort / Terra Theory

    There have been countless theroies like this before, but good point outs nonetheless.
  13. Novastar56

    Birth By Sleep Meaning

    I was thinking along the lines of that. Either that or it might mean something is sacrificied to make something else.
  14. Novastar56

    vioce actors....?

    He most likely will not considering how it looked like he "appeared" a little later in Ven's story.
  15. Novastar56

    MX thought...

    It may be a theory, but it certainly does make sense.
  16. Novastar56

    MX thought...

    That would be good considering there will probably be a lot of hidden things in them.
  17. Novastar56

    MX thought...

    Wow, haven't seen a nice theory that was different and interesting for a while. kudos! Now i wonder about why Master Xehanort acted that way, maybe we might see a little bit of HIS past in birth by sleep.
  18. Novastar56

    bbs dual wielding its possible

    I agree with some of you guys about dual wielding later in the game. Plus the fact on how people like Kairi are able to wield the keyblade will be answered.
  19. Novastar56

    Ven/Roxas/Sora Unbirth theory.

    I still have a little kid in me, leave me alone! lol jk but there's nothing wrong, I just don't want to make a fool of myself my incalculated judgment ( which I realize now that I have done.)
  20. Novastar56

    Ven/Roxas/Sora Unbirth theory.

    Sheesh, now I know not to ever put up a theory because I would be bashed to high heaven( plus I don't want to sound like a noob). I do agree with the other guys though that it may be something to think about, but without evidence it is not a full theory. Good try though.