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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    I've been playing the game for over a year and a half... I can't beat it.... I feel like such a loser. Riku is a piece of mutha trucking crap! Level 68... and I can't beat him.... Nor the game!
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    Against SxR YAOI

    BTW, this entry has major spoilers about the ending half of the game.... :O So... I would like to share with you that I\'m COMPLETELY AGAINST SxR yaoi in Kingdom Hearts 2. I supported it in KH1 cause Kairi was... not very tolerable... or too attractive. But, in KH2 Kairi is really pretty...
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    Well, I got the game, love it <3 The battle system with Roxas was sick, so with Sora.... I\'m currently at the beginning of the land of dragons (already passed beast\'s castle)... And VERYYYYY overwelhmed about the game. I did that in 7 hours, and I feel like I\'ve missed so many things.... To...
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    Is Kairi a little too different?

    puberty..... they finally went through puberty....
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    THEORY about why Kairi is "forgetting" Sora

    waha, i like theory #1, but I think we should all just calm down and wait till the game comes out. I KNOW that's impossible though >:(
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    I am so mad.

    well I dont think they've even fiished the game in japan yet, so they wouldn't start advertising until they shipped it here in the USA and disney actually started dubbing it.
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    almost coming out

    lol, it's true though... When it first came out I was pyschotically happy about it. So I went to some random game store spent all my money on it (viciously) cause I attacked the chick at the register cause she forgot the name of the game. Then I went home and got stuck on Destiny Islands for...
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    almost coming out

    Ok seriously, when KH2 comes out you are going to see a girl (me) running down the street swinging a machete screaming "KH2!!! BLAAARRGHHHHHHHH!! SORAAAAAA!!!!!!" and then I will run into some game store and wasted all my money on it viciously.... Then go home rapidly and play it...
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    Unofficial Sora Thread

    If you people hate sora 'SO MUCH' why the hell even play the game and then show your face on this forum? The whole series right now at the time pretty much revolves around Sora. HE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER! So pretty much your saying you hate KH. Anyways... I believe Sora's adventure will be much...
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    Uh.... wooo.....

    Yeah... I'm pretty new to this forum.... Looks like a sweet site :D
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    Auron do you like his look

    Well the look is alright, I suppose.... But then again if you think about it they have to give him a different look cause he has to match the style of KH.... yeah.... :D
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    Heard they where taking out Dual Keyblade wielding

    Hah, I doubt they would do that though... There really is nothing offensive about that attack :p