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  1. bwyu

    Favorite magic

    first is cure,is always help us in danger or low health condition,after that is thundaga,because it can do damage area
  2. bwyu


    wow,thanks for your information..but,why axel turn into the nobody? that is the theory that still make me confused
  3. bwyu

    Aqua possibly evil?

    i think aqua is not EVIL.cause she has a cute side on her heart..and he looks always happy anymore
  4. bwyu

    ven scene in U.S?

    woooow! now i'm on around day 200...
  5. bwyu

    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    i like to use roxas with saix,because saix power is really good,and roxas speed is make him better to move
  6. bwyu

    Disney Town & Disney Castle

    yeah,i think your opinion is right,maybe the disney town is the outside part of disney castle.
  7. bwyu

    Pinocchio's' World

    olympus colliseum...i always feel tired when i do a misson in that place..and sometimes make me bored...zzz
  8. bwyu

    TAV master/Anitas

    but, i want to know..why venitas look's like a samurai? and his keyblade is very unique......
  9. bwyu

    Did anyone else cry a bit?

    i was sad when i knew that xion's dead on roxas hand..i'm still searchin more theory about xion (sory for my bad english languange)
  10. bwyu

    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    when i was 5ft grade,my friend tell me about kingdom hearts 1,and i really want to play kingdom hearts game
  11. bwyu

    What ruined Kingdom hearts 2 for me....

    for me,mickey is a good person,cool guy,and mysterious person in kingdom hearts,he appears from birth by sleep,coded,358/2 days,kh1,chain of memories,and kh2...so,he know everything story and problem about kingdom hearts and about terra,ven,aqua....(sorry for my opinion)
  12. bwyu

    Help/Support ► Headaches

    i hope you will be fine after you go to the doctor...i have a problem like you too before,well i go to the doctor and the doctor give me some medicine..and my headache is gone
  13. bwyu

    Xions power

    maybe the xion power is magic,she has a magic expert like donald....
  14. bwyu

    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    are you mean like when sora and riku use dark and light power together....
  15. bwyu

    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    fatal mode,or berserk...
  16. bwyu

    Who must survive the BbS?

    i want terra,ven,and aqua still alive...cause there are the keyblade master,specially for aqua
  17. bwyu

    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    yeah,i want to see it to:thumbup:
  18. bwyu

    Have you beat CoM?

    yeah,i want to get Re:CoM to
  19. bwyu

    Have you beat CoM?

    i have beaten chain of memories and reverse/rebirth
  20. bwyu

    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    terra,ven,aqua trinity limit technique