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  1. thekingdomkeeper

    The secret ending HELP?!?!?!?!

    ty mark15 the whole sora things makes alot of sense now but does this mean tht Xion, Axel, and Roxas will be in kh3? as a theory? and yeah all i heard is tht the secret ending of bbs had a link in with coded and kh3ds on another note does anyone know when re:coded is expected to come out in...
  2. thekingdomkeeper

    The secret ending HELP?!?!?!?!

    okay okay okay i just completed kh bbs was defiantly worth the wait for one, 2 OMG what a awesome secret ending but i need someone to get this straight for me so tell me if im wrong or correct me please :D So Ansem is still alive in the realm of darkness and by chance Aqua found him, he tells...
  3. thekingdomkeeper

    the sadess i felt bout xion

    ty anagram :P i think we can all agree tho she did leave a big impact and tbh is really the back bone of the game we all thought it was roxas's stroy but it turned out 2 b more bout xion than anything i just hope they do bring her bac theres alot more they can do with her ;3
  4. thekingdomkeeper

    the sadess i felt bout xion

    thank you smile (and marly ;D) i just wanted 2 find sumone who felt the same :( i cryed 2 when she died i cant stop listening to her theme on youtube gd bit of music and your right bout they coul bring her back look what happend to namie sora did remmber he plus when roxas wass supposed 2 forget...
  5. thekingdomkeeper

    the sadess i felt bout xion

    ?? lol well cant please everyone
  6. thekingdomkeeper

    The "ultra-hard" Leech Grave?

    lol i dont think there is a sigle person herre who wnet "hum wait a minute i better kill th claws first " we all ran in and died first time i didnt kill the tentaclaws i just kept on getting limit ;3
  7. thekingdomkeeper

    the sadess i felt bout xion

    okay im new btw 2 khinsider i have always loved kh i always do regular check ups on khi 2 c whats happenin so i dont lose track of the game :D when i first saw xion i knew she was going to be a expendable char but getting to nearer to the end of the game i got so much more attached when she...
  8. thekingdomkeeper

    Who else was sad when Axel...

    yeah i love axel now and wass quite sad the way they left him in com i was like wow sacrasim has a form then in kh2 i was like ... obbsesed much but now i look at him and relise in com he was protecting roxas and in kh2 he just wanted 2 say sorry and apologise dont know why people think hes a...
  9. thekingdomkeeper

    KH: Re:CoM What About Us!?!?!?

    OMG OMG OMG iam gunna explode where can i get swape magic btw cause iam gunna import it i cant wait