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    E3 lineup

    I was on yahoo and they had a section on what square enix line up is going to be at E3 here's the link 2K Games, Square Enix Provide New Information on E3 Lineups - PCWorld
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    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days tell me because so many people don't like it tell me why
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    Are you mad that they are taking forever with KH3

    if someone already made this thread tell me, but seriously Are you mad that they are taking forever with KH3 cause i kinda am
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    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    how do you make the quote bubble and yeah i don't mind the voices whatever happens with that happens
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    Help/Support ► Help please im expelled from my catholic school !!!!!

    well i hate catholic school cause i go to one and they have there own agendas so they abuse their power so i don't know what you can do because since they don't work with state regulations they do what ever they want
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    i have two questions

    1. at the beginning of KH2 when xemnas says "I've been to see him" do you think he went to see sora or ven because Diz took and hid sora so how did xemnas find him and when he says "do you remember your true name" do you think he means Ven or sora. 2 how did riku get that one keyblade in KH1...
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    So what happened in 358/2 days

    is he remembering his memories or thats the question
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    after kingdom hearts 3

    I hate to think ahead into the future but what do you think that nomura will do after he EVENTUALLY or EVER makes KH3 and ends the xehanort story. What could a future story line be about.
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    are there any girls that like guys that like kingdom hearts

    do you think there are hot girls that like kingdom hearts
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    help and ideas for writing a book

    I want to write a book about a boy who stuggles with whats going on in his life but in a fictional type of way. Ideas appreciated thanks
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    What do you think is gonna happen at E3

    I think that at E3 nomura is going to reveal Kingdom Hearts 3 or a kind of chain of memories game that will lead up to KH3. SO then what do you think they will do with recoded.
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    possible link to a new game or birth by sleep

    when i was playing KH1 there is the one part in deep jungle where they are showing pictures to tarzan and sora see's the castle picture and says "I've seen that before" what do you think that meant
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    MY oppinion on the series

    When I first started looking into when they release the games there was a pattern for big names and side stories at this point the pattern was broken so now what do you think is going on since there is supposed to be a big release at e3