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  1. 314Dec

    So I had an AI generate a Kingdom Hearts story...

    Not a bad "reading" i must say. I guess i'll test this app also. Cuase i only been using siplier AI text generators for much shorter answers and newerd used for a whole plot
  2. 314Dec

    Funny as hell Counter Strike Video

    yeah original CS had some great moments as well. and CS:GO had 10x more. SO hopefully CS2 will have even more of them. Btw for those who haven't played much CS:GO but wan't to play on Faceit - you can just buy Steam acc with hours for CS:GO to jump on straight away
  3. 314Dec

    Why does green often go with red and blue as a three-color combination?

    because these are 3 main colours from which all other colors can and are made. ever heard about RGB panel in TV, video editing, design or anything related to visual. Basically Red, Green and Blue are primary colours same as FB, Insta and Twitter are primary social media networks and others are...
  4. 314Dec

    Fanfiction ► I used ChatGPT to write a KH fanfiction

    Yeah Chat Gpt is a really cool and sometimes really terrifying software (although can be quite dumb as well). And it was a real trailblazer. But now there are a lot of different options for AI text generators which are supperior to CHatGPT in most ways