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    something i noticed about the 1000 heartless battle

    Maybe they changed it after deciding to have Goofy get hit .Originally they were gonna have sora battle roxas but they changed that since there wasn't enough space on the disk.
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    Help with KH2 videos!

    Uh.. go to kh-vids.net click on the section kingdom hearts 2 pick japenese or english scenes, then pick the cutscene you want ,it may have the little window of youtube on the site to view it but on your right it should say Download Video.That will link you to filefront.com and download it.
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    The KH2 Secret Ending in English

    http://www.kh-vids.net they have it on filefront.
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    Short Hearts

    Here are my videos ...What'd you think? http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=sordum Hold on my bro. erased all of my other videos i'll have to remake and upload them again what a shame..
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    KH:CoM Manga??

    Nope i don't, just wait after the 4th volume comes out in the US then once it does go to www.tokyopop.com in the kh manga section.7/11/06 is when the 4th volume comes out. Later on wait till after.
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    Can someone send me a link that will let my psp download the eng. open vid to KH2?

    I seen it at http://kh-vids.net in the kh2 section under english vids or under Latest vids.It's on filefront.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Script?

    You're welcome!;)
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Script?

    Kingdom Hearts script is on here http://www.kingdomhearts.be
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Script?

    Yes,Theres already a kh2 script on http://www.khimpulse.net in their kh2 section.
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    KH:COM manga is out!

    Maybe That's because this is an OLD thread that's been revived . You can go to kh2.co.uk or khinsider.com to see them in the manga section.;)
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    Videos of kh...

    Simple and clean in slow motion... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGThhygBQpM the other videos i made they'd be SPOIlERS for kh2 if i posted it for some ppl here.. If you want to watch it look here .
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    COM Movie

    Even if they made a movie of it like advent children do you want sora to sound like this ? '' huh? who's mickey mouse?Goofy are you my grandpa?... with all the forgotten memories he didn't do that in com but still..he'd be delusinal most of the time. Thought that would be funny..and if they...
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Well then yeah everyone knew that there's some handy videos and cheats to get anti-form into the drive menu.
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    I still don't know...

    ^ I didn't, in my opinion i thought at the time was because characters from FF in kingdom hearts aren't in CgI with the special effect.;) The only girl we knew so far who could resemble her the closest was kairi but ''she also resembled some ff characters'' other people said. ^^ right?
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    DR.Robotnik Wants his Kingdom hearts 2!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIFbep-8yfo just wanted to show this video.
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    Kh vol.3 is already out. I got it yesterday.
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    KH2 video/cutscene

    I dunno, i just download cutscenes from kh-vids.net i don't know what program to take it off the disk though..
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    I got a question!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Yeah they took them out and you skipped that scene but originally they were gonna let
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    Fun in KHII!

    In fact there wasn't a crowd in kh1 olympus collesieum but yet in kh2 you hear cheers in the background but yeah when i seen hades do that i laughed.
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    I've read a chapter online of it before.I want more chapters!! Just tommorow the vol.3 manga will be out.....:D