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    Fanfiction ► Reimagination of Kingdom Hearts

    I reeeeeeally want to read this, but it's pretty long. Can you post the plot points in a shortened version?
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    CO? I know this is the internet but don't go out of your way to make things unclear.
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    Riku n Vanitas

    I don't think anyone was saying it would be time travel except you; you're the one that brought it up. I don't think Timeless River is just a pile of memories, either. Plus, I don't think Riku's "body type" has changed all that much. And if it did, it would be hard to tell unless you compared...
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    Riku n Vanitas

    That video is just one guy's opinion. I personally thought that Vanitas sounded more like Riku's voice actor than Sora's even after watching that video. Who confirmed that Riku's "seiyuu" (a word that's not english, so why would you use it here) doesn't voice him? I thought it was still...
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    Riku n Vanitas

    You don't know that for a fact. You can't just say that something that hasn't already shown up in the game will NEVER show up in the game. Remember Timeless River? Remember how it's called "Timeless" and you travel there via portal instead of gummi ship? I'm just saying it's possible. But in...
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    Vanitas Identity

    plus the presence of Vanitas could've been what attracted Ansem (once Master Xehanort) to Riku in the first place.
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    How Ienzo messes things up.

    Ienzo's age seems to add up just fine. I mean, he could be like 7 in that screenshot, right? and like 17 in CoM (as Zexion)? Right? Also Nomura did state that the game takes place 10 years before KH1, and not that the ending and only the ending takes place 10 years ago. I'm guessing the...
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    I know the formula!!!

    sorry for the double post. My internet messed up and I don't know how to completely delete posts.
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    I know the formula!!!

    That's not a good basis for a theory. Who thought that? I think everyone thought that"BHK" was Sora's shell. I don't think everyone thought that Xion was Aqua; I sure didn't. That's a ridiculous statement to make. I only heard that theory like once or twice. Besides, I've already seen plenty...
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    Just a thought

    Sorry but hasn't this been posted many times before?
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    Braig shot his eye

    Off to a great start. You know, in terms of this actually being a coherent thread. This is a useless thread. A poll? Really? What is a poll that has us give our opinions on who damaged Braig's eye going to accomplish? First of all, where did the "Z" in Zigbar come from? Use your brain, all...
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    Another theory of Roxas/Sora/Ventus

    WHAT IS YOUR THEORY???????? I don't understand this post.
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    Ven/Roxas Theory

    This is a pretty interesting theory. The only thing I can see wrong with it is that Ven and Sora definitely have some kind of connection because they have the same face (as does Roxas). That, and the age thing.
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    anyone think that Zack Fair could be in BBS?

    also, Zack looks way too much like Terra for them to put him in BBS. I'm not sure the time thing would matter anyway.
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    Total newb

    let me guess, this thread is going to be closed because somebody said /thread? that seems to happening alot lately. I don't know why the mods think they have to listen to you guys about closing threads.
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    Total newb

    noob is spelled wrong, you NOOB!
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    The Curious Case

    one flaw though: Xehanort goes from being an old man to being much younger in 10 years? I guess he's got Reverse Solid Snake Syndrome.
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    Ansem aint the only heartless to...

    yeah, I noticed that. but for some reason i never felt comfortable using a disney character as a heartless example. for some reason scar seemed more like a ghost than a heartless to me.
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    Ven's name

    there's an obvious theme with the names. knowing this, ven's name has to be ventus, because it means wind. It would be dumb if Terra=earth, Aqua=water, and Ven=Venture=adventure? seriously.
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    My theory on the ENTIRE PLOT OF BBS! YOU HEARD ME! (Some of it is unbased)

    Not really, riku got the keyblade far after sora; the keyblade never went to riku to begin with. and remember that cutscene in traverse town where sora shows riku the keyblade, and riku's never heard of it before.