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  1. jordand

    PSP2/ NGP Possible Home to BBSV2 or Future KH Titles !Update Pics!

    To everyone complaining about not being able to buy these systems. Grow up. You want them; get a job and buy them. They're really not that expensive. You all have been warned well in advanced that this is coming out so save your little pennies for it. Jesus; If i hear one or person bitch about...
  2. jordand

    Eurogamer Review of ReCoded [Hint: As good as Sonic before Colours]

    I wish i could post 1600 times on a forums for a game i didn't like. :( I blame myself for not finding forums for a game i dislike, and spending my time putting it down.
  3. jordand

    Eurogamer Review of ReCoded [Hint: As good as Sonic before Colours]

    Ign - B+ Gamespot - Critic:7.2 User:8.2 nintendo power - 8 Those seem pretty good to me for Re:Coded... and let me take a look back to Days.... Ign - B Gamespot - Critic:7.7 user:8.8 Gs:8 nintendo power - 8 (sorry cant find a link) If you have your head up "eurogamers" ass that far...
  4. jordand

    What if Sora and Riku get armor?

    To be honest; I could see them getting armor. They are supposed to block out the darkness if I'm not mistaken. I can see them go into the final battle with armor on or something of that sorts; especially considering they will be going up against the darkest opponent yet. If it is used scarcely (...
  5. jordand

    How close were Ansem and Ienzeo really?

    Since ansem is smarter than anyone else. He probably figured if his nobody was destroyed than that only leaves his heartless to be destroyed in order for him to return to his original self.
  6. jordand

    Does Anyone Else Dislike Using the PSP?

    I agree completely. My psp analog stick is missing the top part so it's literally a little stick poking out. Makes playing for long intervals annoying. I understand you can buy replacements. I just have to get off my ass and get them lol.
  7. jordand

    Saw sort of a special edition of BBS today.

    They sell it at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Meijers. I think it's actually pretty ugly personally.
  8. jordand

    BBS Final Mix proposition

    Owning three versions of this game already. I must say I am a fan of this idea. I would say a combo pack with all the FM's for like ps3 or something would be incredible! I most likely will just attain this game with no umd on my memory stick unless it comes with some fancy bonuses.
  9. jordand

    Mystery Man On Destiny Islands

    Thanks to Zerox of some other forums. Don't know if this was posted or not yet. Enjoy.
  10. jordand

    kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep play arts figures.

    Just saw some FF Playarts figures at Toys 'R' Us today. They have carried KH ones before; anyways they were 29.99! I hope that's not what the future KH toys will cost as well! Anyways I'd rather them make KH2 Riku instead of Blindfolded. However I'd also rather them make different characters...
  11. jordand

    Has any one posted scans from the artbook?

    No there isn't. There's is the cover artwork and that is all. It's really is a shame because I'm sure Nomura has tons of awesome concept art. I'm hoping he's holding out until the final game to release an artbook. especially considering we haven't had one since the visual arts collection for...
  12. jordand

    Has any one posted scans from the artbook?

    In all honesty. It's not worth it. It's a wonderful collector's item and I am glad to own it. However; Only the art in the back is "new" and I am pretty sure it was in the ultimania if I remember correctly.
  13. jordand

    Game works on CFW, but can't install?

    Why would you need to use data install? All data install does is save a set amount of game data on your memory stick for loading times to be shortened; and the entire game will be on your stick already. If anything I think It is faster than owning the UMD. And no i don't believe updating will...
  14. jordand

    Birth By Sleep 'Special Edition'

    Can we get some more shots of the artbook just to see what we're missing over here in the U.S. of A.
  15. jordand

    Australian Street Date broken by GameTraders

    Congrats Zak. Damn. I am importing the CE over here in the states; just means one more day for me to have to wait patiently by the mailbox... It is extremely odd that one day prior to release they would push it back. Must have had a mess up in shipping somewhere.
  16. jordand

    Special BBS Theme Download here!

    Thanks for the upload man. Looks great!
  17. jordand


    Hmm, that's odd all you need to do is press triangle to use it (while selected in your command menu). Are you certain you have the right type of potion equipped ( Potion, mega-potion , etc). I would personally stick with Cure, cura, or curaga. Potions; like you said, can only be used once and...
  18. jordand

    Extra Decals?

    I don't know how it is around where you live; but I would suggest finding another Gamestop to visit. I have had multiple problems with the Gamestop by my house (mixed up pre-orders, failure to receive pre-order bonuses, and overall just grumpy old men working there); then I went to a different...
  19. jordand

    Kinda disappointing...

    Well, with the entire game residing on my memory stick; It is running incredible fast. Even with the Japanese version I don't recall it taking nearly that long. Use the highest data install if you haven't already.
  20. jordand

    Extras in international version?

    They will ask and they will undoubtedly receive it as well. Just be glad we don't have to buy things twice like they do.