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    I Hate to be That Guy, But...

    Okay, as I stated in the title, I don't want to be that guy, but I honestly want to know if I'm alone. First, when they finally stopped trolling us and showed us Kingdom Hearts 3, I was very excited. I didn't care much for the stream after that (No TWEWY2, Sleeping Dogs 2, Chrono Trigger...

    Is it odd that the Lingering Will is one of my favourite characters in the series?

    Not at all man, I love Lingering Will. It's like the console version of Terra. I believe it's a preview of how strong TAV will be on consoles (KH3). BBS...just didn't do them justice in the combat department. The techniques were their, but the PSP's limitations made combat slow and much less...

    Many Square Enix Games Coming to PS4 in 2015

    Apparently, it's been confirmed that Square Enix has a lot of games coming out for PS4 this year, including games that have yet to be announced. We'll undoubtedly see them at E3, but what games are you hoping for? Square Enix teases unannounced PS4 titles coming out this year - Gematsu Me...

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Interview Recap

    New to Kingdom Hearts 3 and looking for a convenient way to learn what we know so far? Are you a veteran who is looking for a little refresher? Are you someone who questions you or someone else’s comments/claims about KH3 and you go digging through interview to interview to confirm or...

    Final Fantasy/Square Enix Keyblade Evolutions and Transformations

    I recently remembered something I realized not so long ago. It has been confirmed that every keyblade featured in Kingdom hearts 3 will have a keyblade transformation. The KH series typically bases it's keyblades after an entire Disney World, Character, or Theme. However, there are a select few...

    Wow, my memory of KH2 is so screwed up.

    There's a video on youtube with every single reaction command (50 minutes worth) and I downloaded the original version of it a long time ago for reference (a project). I went and checked and I didn't see one for the Dancer Nobody, which is strange since I really feel like they had one too. I...

    Sora 3 Keyblades

    It's the only way to truly use all 3. They act on their own a bit when you're base Sora as that's a part of the reaction command, but with any other Drive Form tan Limit Form, they are stationary. I hear you have to hack it for it to work with anything else, while they become very active with...

    Sora 3 Keyblades

    I just made a topic about this a little before you made yours. While I can agree that it wasn't canon, as you need to be a very specific form for it to even work, in this fight it makes total sense. As Roxas is really just one part of Sora's heart, I think it makes sense for him to only to be...

    Just So You Know It's a Thing

    Most fans are completely unaware of this little thing you can do in the Roxas fight, so I thought I'd let you guys know so the next time you fight him you can try it out for yourself. Basically, If you use limit form during the Roxas fight and steal his keyblades, you can use all 3...

    Action Cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3

    After looking at something BBS related, I came across the cutscene where Aqua and Terra faced off in the mark of mastery exam. After looking at it I thought, this doesn't look bad, but it definitely doesn't look good either. Then I remembered, any time action showed up in a cutscene, it looked...

    HONEST TRAILER: Kingdom Hearts

    Pretty sure the name pronunciation is entirely intentional lol They've done it before. Was expecting more for when the finally did it, but they got a laugh or two out of me.

    Nitpicks and the little things

    I...actually really like how battle quotes are dealt with in KH and Final Fantasy games lol Most of the time anyway...There are those "get up on the hydra's back" moments...

    Deep Jungle?

    Tarzan is probably my second favorite Disney movie, so it's disappointing that it will probably never appear again. I was even more so disappointed when I thought of how a beautiful jungle world could look on PS4 (Just look at the Uncharted 4 gameplay), until I remembered the Jungle Book. Not...

    Has KH1 aged well compared to KH2?

    "Combat feels slow and clunky" This right here. I really like KH1, but the combat in II is the primary reason it is my favorite KH game. Honestly, looking back at the D23 trailer, I become a little worried. While I'm sure combat will be at it's flashiest, the early build we saw looks closer to...

    KH 1.5/2.5 Gaming WORKOUTS!

    I just may give Legendary a try the next time I play KH2. Didn't know what to think at first, but it seems like a fairly interesting idea.

    A Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    I'll take that as a yes lol Looking forward to it for sure.

    A Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    Speaking of Gametrailers, isn't KHinsider collaborating with them again soon? I think I heard Michael Damiani mention something about the upcoming PAX and a Pop Fiction series featuring Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Might Go To PS4/XBox One Says IGN

    Kingdom Hearts 2 is not only my favorite KH game, but it is officially my favorite game of all time, which is truly saying something considering the hundreds of games I've played in my 20 years. When I learned the Final Mix version was coming to the U.S., I was ecstatic. Only to be crushed...

    Exclusive: KHInsider Interviews Tetsuya Nomura!

    I remember wanting BBSV 2 to be made just so I could fight alongside Sephiroth. Despite being a Final Fantasy fan, when BBS was first released I didn't know Sephiroth used to be a good guy. If he was "evil" in KH2, he was a hero 10 years prior; making for a rare and amazing chance in my opinion...

    News ► The World Ends With You Pins Coming Soon!

    "Gimme dat sheep" I can literally say that now XD