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    (SPOILERS) Roxas

    In the end of Days, Roxas absorbed Xion instead of Xion absorbed Roxas. If Xion absorbed Roxas, she'll become whole. So, Roxas absorbed her, why Roxas is still half? Or this might explain why he has emotions if Xion is a part of him and live as a normal boy in Kingdom Hearts II?
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    (SPOILERS) Nintendo Power Was Right?

    I believe Days is trying to avoid the Organization members to meet the Disney characters. Well, at least only 4 Disney characters know you (e.g. Genie, Tinker Bell, Zero and the Mystery Cat from Wonderland)
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    KH 358/2 Days glitch

    Yep. I've tried some games on Emulator and it doesn't work. Instead, when I play it with the original copy, it work fine on my Nintendo DS. I only use Emulator when I want to post information =D
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Exactly. The only ones who can see Xion's face are Roxas and Axel. She only reveals her face to those who knows her.
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) Xion Bosses

    Re: (Spoilers) Xion 3 Boss Forms.. Armors??? To me, the armors are more like Xemnas' in the boss battle. Nothing to do with the TAV's armor. And the armor design is based on Sora's outfit. She is a replica after all, so... I would say 'no' as well.
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Xemnas, Xigbar and possibly Zexion know the trio of BBS. Or possibly all the apprentice of Ansem's know them, or might even appeared in the past 10 years. Xemnas looks like Terra, Xehanort as well... And in the TGS 2007 trailer of BBS, Terra thanked Ven for saving him and Terra put his hand on...
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Hmm... I can read Chinese word, a.k.a Kanji... They have different meaning but similar. I can only read the word of '目' 目 can be see or something to do with your 'eyes', 眼 with 目 attached. It can also be 'purpose' or 'aim'.
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Ven? Or Sora? I was playing Days on my Nintendo DS. And I just saw, Xion suddenly turned into Ven. And Xigbar was the only one who can see Xion as Ven. And in Kingdom Hearts II, Xigbar said "You're not the only hero" to Sora. Xigbar's somebody, Braig has something to do with Birth by Sleep...
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    Help needed. (Day 172)

    Yes, I don't understand what the cat is saying. If someone can translate for me, I'll be appreciate it. Anyway, this image is sent by a friend.
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    So... Has Dual Wielding Been Confirmed Yet?

    Yes, you can dual wielding. But only if the end of this game...
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    Traverse Town and Pinnochio?

    Yeah, there's no Traverse Town or Pinnochio's world in this game. Sadly... But I want them back anyway =)
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    Is anyone else Pissed off over Days and no wifii?

    Seriously, it is just a 'Wi-Fi'. I don't see any problems with it. Beside, if they have 'Wi-Fi' function, the game will lag easily. I'm happy already that Kingdom Hearts already has 'Multi-player mode'. And you can play all main characters in this game, exclude Namine and Kairi. 19 characters +...
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 DAYS) Xion Related

    I'm totally agree with you. Xion could be a Nobody or Sora's memories. Namine mentioned she 'can't' endure it... And Xion said "How can two people be the same". Xion could refer Kairi and Namine.
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    358/2 Days

    Something I think it might have some connections... In the Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer featured Xion... And the trailer scene fixing are not by order. But when I tried to fix it, I get some hints... DiZ and Namine were discussing about Sora's memories... Namine said she might affect Sora's...
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    Roxas... or Sora?

    Eh? I don't know that! I played Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ but I didn't see it... Someone can show me the scenes? Anyway, I think Namine was talking to Sora..
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    Roxas... or Sora?

    Well in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Namine made a promise to Sora that they will meet again. But in Kingdom Hearts II, Namine made a promise to Roxas they will meet again~ Who was she talking to?
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    Nihao, Heyz~

    Heyz! I'm glad I have registered KHInsider, the best fan-Kingdom Hearts site! I've been reading and watching the news of KHInsider. And I like it. I've considered whether to join to this community or not... And I finally registered~ I hope you all won't mind my bad English~ Wallace~